First Superman, Now Henry Cavill Is Losing Out On Another Iconic Role Says Director

James Bond director Martin Campbell says Henry Cavill is almost certainly out of the running for James Bond.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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It has not been Henry Cavill’s year. Hollywood’s king of the nerds has been going through a pretty painful losing streak lately after falling out with The Witcher creators, being kicked off the Superman franchise by James Gunn, and now, it seems that Cavill’s next shot at starring in a big franchise probably won’t happen. According to We Got This Covered‘s report about James Bond director Martin Campbell, there’s no way that Cavill is going to be cast as James Bond.

For the better part of the last year, fans have been speculating who Eon Productions was going to cast as the next James Bond, with Henry Cavill being among the most popular casting choice in the fans’ opinion. Cavill has even spoken out about his desire to play 007, and he got close, once, having auditioned and almost been cast in the movies that ended up going to Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig was great during his run as the globetrotting spy, but fans are ready for Henry Cavill to take up the mantle. After all, Cavill would be great in the role. He’s a big fan of the franchise, he’s a great actor, and he totally looks the part (maybe not in his Witcher costume, but clean him up and stick him in a tuxedo, and he’s got 007 written all over him).

However, James Bond director Martin Campbell thinks that it would be highly unlikely for Henry Cavill to be cast in the next franchise installment. When Campbell first auditioned Cavill for Casino Royale, Cavill was in his early 20s, and despite doing a great job, he was simply too young for the role. The famed director says that, ironically, now, Cavill is too old for the part as the actor has hit his 40s. 

It seems that time is against Henry Cavill and the fates just simply aren’t on the actor’s side. Eon Productions is looking for an actor they can keep for the long term. Campbell guesses producers will want an actor they can keep for at least three movies, or for a 10 to 15-year plan, which means that by the time the films are complete, Cavill will be in his 50s, which is older than the studio is looking for. 

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Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible – Fallout

However, that’s just the opinion of Martin Campbell. And, while the guy is an authority on the subject, he’s not the one who is going to make the final decision. After all, if Tom Cruise can continue to make Mission Impossibles and Top Guns in his 60s, what’s to say that Henry Cavill can’t sip a Vesper Martini and shoot a couple of bad guys in his 40s and 50s?

It’s been a tough year for Henry Cavill and his devoted fans, and the guy deserves to catch a break. While we do have the actor’s Warhammer passion project to look forward to, it would be pretty cool to see Cavill become a part of British cinematic history and officially become the next 007. Cavill’s dedication, talent, and undeniable appeal make him a worthy contender to don the suave persona of James Bond, and even though we might just be in denial, we think it’s possible it might still happen.