Henry Cavill Highlander Release Makes Fans Furious

By Jason Collins | Published

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Besides being involved in several different projects, including the upcoming Lazarus, Chad Stahelski has been working on a reboot of the fantasy action film Highlander. According to GeekTyrant, the upcoming reboot is starring Henry Cavill as the lead role, and Lionsgate Motion Picture has just revealed the movie’s release date, and the fans are furious.

Highlander Isn’t Likely To Release Before 2026

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The upcoming Highlander reboot, directed by John Wick‘s Char Stahelski, has been in development for well over a decade, with Stahelski being attached to direct since 2016. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when the movie will enter its production phase; it’s quite possible that Stahelski is aiming to wrap up his adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima—based on the same-name video game. With Stahelski otherwise engaged and Lionsgate Motion Picture confirming the Henry Cavill version of the Highlander for 2026, the fandom’s fury isn’t all that unreasonable.  

The New Film Draws Inspiration From The Highlander Movie And Series

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The fandom’s reaction regarding the movie’s release appears to be a mix of anticipation and disappointment. While the fandom is excited about the reboot and Henry Cavill’s involvement in the Highlander franchise, the long wait until the movie’s release, combined with a very slow development, has led to concerns that the hype surrounding the release might diminish over time. Stahelski has promised that the upcoming reboot incorporates the elements from both the original 1986 Highlander and the television series, expanding upon the lore of the immortals and The Prize.

John Wick With Swords

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The plot of the reboot is currently under very tight wraps, but Stahelski has described it as John Wick but with swords, which indicates a heavier focus on the exciting fight choreography the director has become known for. John Wick, Stahelski’s most prominent work, has redefined the action genre, so we expect nothing less from Henry Cavill’s Highlander. Henry Cavill, known for his roles in The Witcher and Man of Steel, is the only confirmed cast member for the reboot.

Henry Cavill As Connor MacLeod

Cavill will likely assume the role of Connor MacLeod, the immortal Scottish Highlander from the original film—the role beautifully performed by Christopher Lambert in the original movie. Following his iconic performance as the eponymous Witcher in the same-name television series, it’s actually not hard to imagine Henry Cavill as the Highlander. It’s not hard to imagine him as Beowulf as well—the protagonist of the same-name film from 1999, also portrayed by Christopher Lambert.

Reviving The Forgotten Franchise


The reboot involving Henry Cavill is a big development in the Highlander franchise, which has expanded significantly since its inception but has waned from popularity in recent years. The original film was released in 1986, followed by five more films, three television series, three video games, four comics, and ten novels. The cult-classic status of the entire franchise showcases its ability to capture the audience’s imagination with its unique concept of immortal warriors “sorting it out” through time, as “there can be only one.”

Backed by modern technologies and exciting new approaches to stunts and fighting choreography, the upcoming Highlander, starring Henry Cavill, has the potential to become an epic and visually stunning action-fantasy film, and there’s no shortage of fans waiting eagerly for its release.