Henry Cavill Highlander Is Finally Happening, Here’s How We Know

By TeeJay Small | Updated

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After years of rumors speculating a reboot of the classic franchise, Henry Cavill has officially signed on to star in Highlander. John Wick filmmaker Chad Stahelski will helm the upcoming project. The latter recently signed a deal with Lionsgate granting him full control over both the John Wick and Highlander franchises in both television and feature films.

Henry Cavill And Highlander

The film serves as just one of many massive upcoming projects attached to Henry Cavill, whose post-Superman career is shaping up to be even more exciting and colossal than his time spent with the DCU.

The Henry Cavill Highlander film has been in and out of active pre-production since 2016, with Chad Stahelski voraciously trying to get the franchise off the ground.

Reimagining Of The Story


The upcoming reboot will serve as a reimagining of the 1986 version which starred Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert, and SpongeBob Squarepants‘ Clancy Brown.

Cavill seems to be a perfect fit for the project, as it centers on a group of immortal beings who must battle in intense physical combat, not unlike the trials of Superman facing off against General Zod.

Not Just Highlander With The Deal

The Lionsgate deal encompasses a wide array of upcoming action films, with the John Wick franchise expected to branch out into several exciting spin-off series.

For Henry Cavill, Highlander will follow a laundry list of blockbuster films in his growing catalogue, including upcoming efforts such as Argylle, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, and an untitled film currently being developed by Guy Ritchie.

Cavill is also expected to lend his voice to a lead role in an upcoming video game titled Squadron 42.

A Great Pairing

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There isn’t a better director and actor duo than Chad Stahelski and Henry Cavill to bring a newly rebooted Highlander franchise to life. The former is highly responsible for reinvigorating the action cinema landscape with his John Wick films and the latter providing massive star-power and incredible gravitas to the title role.

Chad Stahelski will be assisted by production partners Neal H. Moritz and representatives from the estate of Peter S. Davis. Davis, who helmed the original film, tragically passed away in 2021 in his Calabasas home.

Not Much Highlander Information

Highlander Sword

Little is known about the plot of the Henry Cavill-led Highlander film at this time. But Stahelski has expressed interest in reimagining the film in new and inventive ways, allowing fans to revisit the original movie and still be able to take something new away from his iteration.

This transformative attitude toward classic genre films is exactly what makes Stahelski the perfect choice to helm the franchise moving forward.

Henry Cavill’s Future

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It seems that Henry Cavill has found a new home in Highlander now that his leading roles in both the DCU and Netflix’s The Witcher have officially ended.

Fans will surely welcome this casting, as the Argylle actor has grown something of a cult following in recent years due to his engaging personality and overt engagement in popular nerd culture.

Cavill previously clashed with Witcher producers due to his desire to not stray far from the narrative and canon of the popular video games.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter