One Of The Harry Potter Kids Hasn’t Seen The Harry Potter Movies

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

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The Harry Potter series of films have become cornerstones of the blockbuster fantasy genre for an entire generation. Many kids grew up with the films and consider them to be one of the greatest series of films ever made. You would think that kind of pop culture weight would mean that the main stars of the franchise have all sat down and watched the movies. Well, you would be wrong. It turns out that one of the series’ lead characters has admitted to only seeing the first three films in the series and still has not gotten around to finishing the other five films.

Which Harry Potter actor copped to being way behind on the series? None other than Ron Weasely himself, Rupert Grint. Yes, he admitted to Variety that he had not seen any of the other films after Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. “I’ve probably seen the first three at the premieres, but after that, I stopped watching them,” Grint admitted. However, now that he has a daughter, he anticipates that he will have to revisit the series once she starts to grow up and gains an interest in them.

Part of the reason he has not continued the series after Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is that Rupert Grint still feels too close to that part of his life. “I think those early ones are OK. More time has passed. I can detach myself a bit more from that kid,” Grint continued to say. That is understandable. It can be difficult to revisit certain parts of your life, especially when they are immortalized on film. However, another factor to Grint’s hesitancy is that he still feels incredibly close to the role of Ron Weasely. “I weirdly feel quite protective of that character. Even when I saw the stage shows, it was a very strange experience,” Grint said.

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So one has to wonder what this might mean for his potential future involvement in the Harry Potter franchise. With the news that HBO Max is in the early development of a streaming series set in the Wizarding World, would Rupert Grint be game for a return to the character of Ron Weasely? He does not sound like he would be a part of it, at least at this stage in its development. “I’d be up for it at the right time. I don’t know what capacity that would be, but yeah, we’ll see.” It does sound like he is leaving the door open for a possible return, but he is not willing to say anything definitive at this point in time.

The Harry Potter franchise will definitely be entering a new section of its life cycle after Fantastic Beasts 3 comes out. The HBO Max series seems like the series’ best chance at recapturing the same magic that fans fell in love with from the original films. Hopefully, if there is a plan to bring back some of the stars of the films, Rupert Grint can make some kind of appearance as the lovable Ron Weasely. It would certainly be the kind of return that would make headlines and could reenergize the fans for a new era of Harry Potter stories.