Happy Gilmore 2 Is Coming To Netflix

By Jason Collins | Published

The long- and highly-desired sequel to 1996’s American sports comedy movie Happy Gilmore has been officially confirmed by Netflix. The world’s leading streaming service announced Happy Gilmore 2 during its upfront presentation to advertisers on Wednesday afternoon in New York, stating that Adam Sandler, who starred in the original movie, is set to reprise one of his most popular roles.

Rumored To Be In The Works

Christopher McDonald

The official confirmation about Happy Gilmore 2 isn’t all that surprising, considering that the rumors regarding the sequel have been around for quite some time now. Actor Christopher McDonald, who portrayed Shooter McGavin in the original movie, revealed a few months back that Sandler showed him the first draft of the movie during an unsuspected run-in between the two.

Part Of The Sandler-Netflix Partnership

Despite the official confirmations, the details surrounding Happy Gilmore 2 are still scarce; we know that Adam Sandler is supposed to reprise his iconic role and that the movie will stream on Netflix. However, no official release date has been confirmed as of yet, and there’s no word on who else might star in the movie—it remains to be speculated upon until Sandler, Netflix, or anyone else involved decides to drop additional information about one of the most sought-after sequels in the history of cinema.

How Can Sandler Surprise Us?

There’s also no indication about what the upcoming Happy Gilmore 2 might explore; does it continue the narrative of the previous movie, or does it offer an entirely original storyline that’s only loosely connected to the original film? For those who haven’t watched the original Happy Gilmore, the movie follows Sandler as he portrays the titular character, a hockey player with anger management issues who discovers that he also has a talent for golf.

The Original Is A Comedy Classic

After failing at yet another tryout, Happy finds himself entering a golf tournament in an attempt to win a significant monetary prize to pay off his grandmother’s substantial debt to the IRS and save her house. He quickly becomes a fan favorite on the golf tour, where he meets the arrogant pro Shooter McGavin, who disproves Happy’s lack of golf etiquette. It’s a fantastic piece of comedy that’s bound to make you laugh and hope for a faster arrival of Happy Gilmore 2. It might even turn you into a fan of Adam Sandler’s work.

A Major Hit With Real Golfers

The original movie was a moderate success; it performed well at the box office, but the critics weren’t as kind since the movie received mixed reviews. Still, it developed a cult following in the golf community, with many golfers imitating or attempting the Happy Gilmore swing for fun. Furthermore, Jamie Sadlowski, a former hockey player who can hit golf balls over 400 yards, has been called a real-life version of Happy Gilmore, contributing to the cult status of the original movie.

All of this played a significant role in the production of Happy Gilmore 2, which the growing fandom has demanded for the better part of the past three decades. Finally, both Adam Sandler and Netflix listened, and Happy Gilmore 2 is finally happening. Who knows, maybe we finally receive a Happy Gilmore video game; you know, the one that was promised to gamers during the GameCube/PlayStation 2 generation of video game consoles.