Halle Berry Is An MMA Fighter, See the Bruised Trailer

By Doug Norrie | 8 seconds ago

halle berry bruised

Halle Berry has taken all kinds of challenging roles during the course of her celebrated career, proving adept at playing a wide variety of characters. This latest one might have been the most difficult one yet, with her character stepping into the MMA ring on a redemption tour, fighting both for her reputation back but trying to make a life for her young son. The trailer for Bruised just dropped and Halle Berry might be pulling out all the stops here, clearly trying to embody every piece of what it means to be a broken fighter looking for one last chance in the ring. 

In Bruised, Halle Berry plays Jackie Justice, a former MMA fighter who at one point had been at the very top of the mixed martial arts game. But when we catch up with her, those days look like they are well in the rearview with Justice barely hanging on. What she once had in terms of confidence and skill has been decimated by a loss in her past. But when her young son is basically dropped off at her doorstep, we begin to see how she’s going to claw her way back into the ring for another chance making something of her career. Check out Halle Berry in the trailer for Bruised:

“Bruised” is definitely the operative word in this trailer with Halle Berry looking battered throughout. She begins by having to be cajoled back into the ring, clearly knowing little else her life besides the fighting game. Raising her son, fighting off the disgrace that came with her last fight, and working her way back into the ring are at the core of this story. It looks like a tour de force of a film, emotional and brutal on a few different levels and putting Berry’s clear on-screen talents in the forefront with a very different kind of movie for the actress. 

And for Halle Berry, this isn’t just her putting in time in on the screen. She is also making her directing debut in the movie as well. Between the work in front of and behind the camera, the movie could have Halle Berry in the awards season discussion before it is all said and done. Netflix has set the movie up for a limited theater release before hitting the streaming platform, the prerequisite for a movie to have Oscar consideration. There’s no guarantee that second part happens of course, but the streamer clearly sees something here with Bruised. 

halle berry

That being said, Bruised isn’t without a little bit of controversy right now. Former UFC Cat Zingano currently is suing Berry because the fighter claims Berry promised her a role in the movie which had her being declining an upcoming fight. But when that happened, the movie production could no longer use her because she wasn’t a current fighter. The issue is yet to be resolved. 

Halle Berry will debut Bruised in theaters on November 17th and then will hit Netflix on November 24th. Halle Berry won the Academy Award back in 2003 with her work in Monsters Ball. Could we see it again here in this latest movie? It is certainly possible we hear her name called up to the big stage once again.