George R.R. Martin Is Making A Children’s Movie

George R.R. Martin is coming out with a new animated movie, The Ice Dragon, which is going to be geared to families and children.

By TeeJay Small | Published

Famed procrastinator and creator of the world of ice and fire, George R. R. Martin has announced during a promotional interview with Penguin Random House publishing that his short story The Ice Dragon is currently being developed into a new animated film. The Game of Thrones author explained that Warner Bros. Animation has purchased the film rights to the story and that the animated film’s screenplay will be written by David Anthony Durham, known for his series of Acacia fantasy novels. The story does not take place within the shared universe of the Song of Ice and Fire series.

George R.R. Martin noted in his comments to Penguin that the film is meant to be released in theaters across the country, and will be geared specifically towards children and families, in stark contrast to Martin’s usual grim subject matter. With no word yet on the final release date of The Winds of Winter, Martin’s sixth installment in the hit fantasy series, many fans were beginning to fear that the author had ghosted them. But now it seems as though we’re in for a slew of new content just as Winter is coming.

george r.r. martin

Nothing is set in stone for the animated film yet, but George R.R. Martin’s original Ice Dragon short story, which was written in 1978, years before the conflicts of Westeros had been devised, is a coming-of-age tale following a little girl named Adara and her affinity for snow, ice, and all things cold.

Though the adventure may be less exciting to the bloodthirsty fans still waiting on an update for House of the Dragon season 2, this new film could be the perfect introductory piece for Game of Thrones fans with children at home. Additionally, though the story may not tie into the adventures of Daenerys Targaryen and her close-knit family, we have seen an ice dragon in action on the small screen once before, when the frosty control of the Night King overtook Viserion.

With this addition to the on-screen catalog of Martin’s work, we’re seeing an extensive library of fantasy tales under his belt, including the Jon Snow spinoff and a host of prequel material to his biggest-selling hit series. George R.R. Martin maintains, however, that he is on track to finish The Winds of Winter and expects the manuscript for the long-awaited book to be his longest one yet, citing that he is only about three-quarters of the way done. For now, all we can do is wait to learn more, especially with the Warner Media Discovery merger throwing all new HBO projects into a state of uncertainty.

Still, an animated entry into George R.R. Martin’s work will no doubt provide a fresh perspective, especially given the nature of the story deviating so far from the blood, gore, and graphic nudity we have all come to expect from the visionary who penned the red wedding. For more news on updates like casting, release dates, and production updates, stay plugged into Giant Freakin’ Robot!