Garrett Hedlund To Play Star Wars’ Next Skywalker?

Garrett Hedlund may be getting a big break into the Star Wars universe.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Though it could make sense that The Rise of Skywalker was the last appearance for a Skywalker in Star Wars, it’s hard to find anyone who believes that’s likely to happen. The story wrapped up when Rey walked off-screen, but there’s always room for more Star Wars with audiences. Now, insider Mike Zeroh has reported that he hears Jon Favreau is creating a new series fo Disney+ centered around Cade Skywalker. Not only that, he says that Lucasfilm is already in talks with Garrett Hedlund for the lead role.

While Hedlund has been a busy actor, he hasn’t been in a lot of major releases in recent years. Previously, we’ve seen him in major movies like TRON: Legacy and On The Road. If the rumor from Zeroh proves true, Garrett Hedlund will star as Cade Skywalker in a series for Disney+. Cade Skywalker was originally a character in the Star Wars comics. In those stories, he was a descendant of Luke Skywalkers. From what Zeroh says, Jon Favreau is reimagining Cade as the son of Rey and Kylo Ren.

According to what Mike Zeroh hears, Favreau sees Rey giving birth to Cade through immaculate conception. When Kylo Ren/Ben Solo sacrificed himself to save her, he gave her his life force. Rey will then give birth through the force to a child parented by Rey and Ben Solo. This is similar to how Anakin Skywalker was born. The origins of Cade Skywalker is different in the comics, but Garrett Hedlund’s character’s personality may end up being similar in the show for Disney+. In the comics, the character doesn’t have an allegiance to the light side or the dark side. He works with siths. He does what is necessary to move forward with his own agenda. This would make sense as a character that’s the son of Rey and Ben Solo. It would also make for an interesting Disney+ series.

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The insider offered a lot of information on the possible plot for the series and where Lucasfilm and Jon Favreau are currently at on this project. If what he hears is true, it’s surprising that they’re already in talks with Garrett Hedlund and we’re just hearing about the new project. While this was a lot of news, the insider didn’t share any information on a timeline. Currently, Star Wars is a busy universe. We have a lot of movies and series to look forward to. Jon Favreau himself is the co-showrunner on The Mandalorian. His plate is fairly full. While it would seem like Lucasfilm has enough on their plate, the rumors for new projects keep coming. This may be very good news for Garrett Hedlund. Leading a new Star Wars series as a Skywalker would be a big move for his career.

This information is only a rumor at this point, though an exciting one. Every Star Wars fan would like to know what the next move will be for future Skywalkers. The storyline reported by Zeroh sounds like an interesting one. While we haven’t seen much of Garret Hedlund, that may be exactly what Lucasfilm would be looking for. They don’t often cast well-known names in their big roles. We’ll have to wait for more news from Lucasfilm, Hedlund, or Favreau to see how this story develops.