Star Wars Being Rebooted With A Past Character’s Son As The Lead?

A new Star Wars rumor comes packed with plot details for a reboot.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Pretty much since The Rise of Skywalker released in theaters, or maybe a little before that, rumors have spread about a timeline reboot for Star Wars. The franchise is huge. It seems impossible that the we’ll ever truly let go of the Skywalkers. So what will happen next?

According to a rumor from insider Mike Zeroh, as reported by Express, the story will continue on with a past character’s son. Zeroh shares a lot of details on what he hears is happening here, so there’s a lot to consider. He says that the story will continue on in a Disney+ TV series. It will star the son of Rey Skywalker, who was played by Daisy Ridley. This rebooted Star Wars series will follow Cade Skywalker as Rey’s son. Cade Skywalker has been a character in the comic book series, though, in the comics, he’s not Rey’s son.

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This series is being developed by Jon Favreau himself, according to Mike Zeroh. Favreau is the showrunner for The Mandalorian and has been responsible for a lot of recent work in the Star Wars universe. There have been a lot of rumors over the past year about him doing more in the universe.

According to Zeroh, in this new Star Wars story from Favreau, Rey will give birth to Cade Skywalker through immaculate conception. Since Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) gave his life force to Rey when he sacrificed himself in The Rise of Skywalker, Rey and Ben will be one spirit. Rey will then give birth to Cade Skywalker through the force. This is similar to how Anakin Skywalker was born.

In the Star Wars comic books, Cade Skywalker was the son of Kol Skywalker and a descendant of Luke. The comics show him working with the Sith and otherwise fluctuating between the light and the dark when necessary to get a job done. This could work well as the son of Rey and Kylo.

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Keeping in mind that this is a rumor at this point, it’s a very detailed one. Pulling a Star Wars comic character and adjusting his background to make him fit into a film series is an interesting touch. If this is true and Jon Favreau moves forward with the project, would Daisy Ridley return to play Rey Skywalker again for the Disney+ series?

When asked about a return to Star Wars in the past, Ridley has played it very cool. She has said that she likes seeing how Mark Hamill and other actors have returned to their universes, many many years later. She said, “Never say never”. Her response was very diplomatic. It suggested that while she would be interested in returning to the universe, she sees it as something far down the line. Not the next step in her career. She recently voiced Rey for the Lego Star Wars video game, but most of her upcoming projects are very different in nature. Still, with the suggested plot for a Star Wars reboot, the potential is there.

The bigger question at this point is whether Jon Favreau is really moving forward with a Star Wars reboot. This would be exciting news for fans, even if the story turns out differently than we’re hearing now. We’ll have to wait and see what Favreau is up to next and what he decides to share with us.

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