Game Of Thrones Star Improvised The Series’ Funniest Moment

By Britta DeVore | Published

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To say that HBO’s award-winning series Game of Thrones was filled with chuckles and heart-warming moments would be a bit of a stretch. The eight-season-running series, which was adapted from George R.R. Martin’s unfinished series of novels was more heart-wrenching than heart-felt and more drama-heavy than laughable. Still, a moment between Kristofer Hivju and Gwendoline Christie during Season 7 proved to get a laugh from audiences, and showrunner and series co-creator Dan Weiss admitted that it was Hivju — playing Tormund Giantsbane — who improvised the moment.

Giantsbane Shoots His Shot

game of thrones

If there ever was a comedic respite in Game of Thrones, it was more often than not delivered on behalf of Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister or Kristofer Hivju’s Tormund Giantsbane. In the instance in question, Tormund is taking his chance with Gwendoline Christie’s Brienne of Tarth – a woman just as strong, powerful, and tall as the Wildling from beyond the wall. As Weiss explains, the interaction between the pair – during which Tormund raises his eyebrows and stares at Brienne with googly eyes as she looks away in disgust – was one that Hivju created on the spot. 

It Still Makes Weiss Laugh

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According to Weiss, the specific scene is “not something you could ever write,” with Kristofer Hivju coming up with one of Game of Thrones’ most relatable and silly moments while cameras were rolling. Noting that it was a “very uncomfortable” few seconds for Christie’s warrior, it was a brief exchange that further fleshed out the pair’s relationship, even if Weiss admits that Tormund was fully “creeping out on her.” The co-creator and showrunner also admits that he’s seen the scene somewhere around “150 times” and that he still laughs at the personal and intimate bit of improv between the two actors.

Tormund Giantsbane

One of the mightiest Wildlings North of The Wall, Tormund Giantsbane is introduced into the vast lexicon of Game of Thrones characters in the show’s Season 3 premiere. Although he and Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow start out as enemies, the series sees them becoming fast friends, with Tormund following Jon every step of the way into war against the White Walkers. Jon even entrusts Tormund to take good care of his beloved dire wolf, Ghost, before Jon finds himself exiled to the North where his pet and bestie await him.

Brienne of Tarth

A staunch supporter of Renly Baratheon (Gethin Anthony), Brienne of Tarth makes her first appearance in Game of Thrones during the show’s second season, and, judging by the size comparison between Renly and Tormund, the latter never stood a chance. Her character arc sees her go from enemies to a sort of crush-level friendship with Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) before attempting to fulfill her promise to Lady Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) to keep her daughters safe. Brienne’s honor takes her all around Westeros, covering much ground and embarking on a crazy number of quests during the show’s eight seasons, with her final spotting as part of the Small Council in the series finale.

House Of The Dragon

With a show running for as long as Game of Thrones graced our TV screens, it’s fun to think about how many other improvised moments went down that helped build iconic scenes, characters, and storylines. While it may be a while (and possibly never) before we see Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth again, Season 2 of the prequel series, House of the Dragon flies onto the network on June 16.

Source: Entertainment Weekly