The Freddy Krueger Valentine’s Day Contest Has Revealed Its Brutal Winning Design

Check out the best Freddy Kruegger Valentine's Day card!

By Douglas Helm | Published

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‘Freddy Krueger’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’ aren’t necessarily two ideas that go together. That’s what one might think, but you’d be thinking wrong. Because the winner of the Freddy Kreuger Valentine’s Day Card Contest has been revealed, and it seems like a great card to send your significant other when the holiday rolls around. Check out the winning design below:

How romantic! The winning design put together by Louise Spragg is an homage to a scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. In the movie, the nightmarish Freddy Kreuger locks lips with the character Sheila in her dreams. As you may or may not know, dreams are where Freddy Krueger rules, and this deadly kiss causes Sheila to have an asthma attack in the waking world. While no one wants this to happen to their Valentine’s Date, the iconic “Wanna Suck Face,” line should at least get a few laughs out of your loved one. Plus, what’s better than snuggling in for a horror movie as the cherry on top of a great Valentine’s date?

If you haven’t heard of the Freddy Krueger Valentine’s Day Card Contest, you can be forgiven for being out of the loop. But, now that you know, you’ll be able to tune in every year to get the perfect Valentine’s Day message for that horror-loving special person in your life. The contest is actually held by Robert Englund, the man who has played the role of Kreuger for nearly forty years. He made his debut as the character in the 1984 Wes Craven film A Nightmare on Elm Street. Since then he has become an iconic touchstone character in the pop culture realm. Englund has portrayed the character in various shows and movies, with the most recent movie being 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason where he faced off against another horror icon, the hockey-masked Jason Vorhees.

freddy kruegger nightmare on elm st 4
Robert Englund and Toy Newkirk in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)

If you have the time, you can actually check out the rest of the designs that were submitted for the contest on Robert Englund’s website. There were plenty of submissions, with some of them having the same “Wanna Suck Face,” message. But they didn’t quite capture the weirdly romantic vibe the way that the winning design did. You can also see plenty of dream references in the submission since dreams are where Freddy Krueger can reach his victims. Some even have the “1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you,” line cleverly integrated.

If you have a flair for art yourself, you can submit your design for next year’s card contest, and maybe you’ll get articles written about you here next (along with Robert Englund’s respect which you might want a little more.) According to the contest page, the winner gets bragging rights, a copy of their art signed by Englund himself, and one hundred versions of your card printed and given to unsuspecting loved ones everywhere! Sounds like a good deal for anyone. And if you want to make your Valentine’s Day a little more horrific, make sure to send a Freddy Krueger card to someone you care about when February 14 hits.