Ezra Miller Has Officially Been Charged With A Felony

Ezra Miller has been charged with a felony and it's another in a string of disturbing incidents for the actor over the course of this year

By Doug Norrie | Published

Ezra Miller: Do Disturbing Allegations Mean The Flash Could Be Canceled?

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It’s been a rough few months for Ezra Miller and it looks like things are getting even worse for the controversial and embattled actor who’s had a number of different disturbing and concerning incidents on the ledger now. The latest could land him with some jail time as well. Variety has it that Ezra Miller has been charged with a felony burglary following an incident at a residence there. Police are charging that Miller stole property from a home in the town and there is enough evidence, in this case, to press charges against the actor.

Apparently, according to a report filed by the Vermont State Police, on May 1st of this year, Ezra Miller entered the home in Stamford and stole several bottles of alcohol while the actual homeowners were out of the house. After gathering evidence that includes security footage and eyewitness accounts of the incident, Ezra Miller was served on the evening of August 7th and he will now have a court date set for September 26th. In Vermont, a person facing burglary charges faces up to 15 years of jail time, though it’s unlikely Miller would see that kind of sentence if proven guilty in the incident.

This latest ordeal is just one of a line of issues for Ezra Miller over the course of this year. For starters, he had run into trouble in Hawaii with a couple of different things happening in and around the actor. For starters, he was involved in an incident in a bar in which he threatened several people there including someone performing karaoke. And later he threatened a couple he was supposedly staying with, allegedly threatening to murder them among other things. They had filed a restraining order but ultimately pulled that back.

And then there was word that Ezra Miller was housing a 25-year-old woman and her children at his home in Vermont. There were some concerns that this was an unsafe situation for the children for a variety of reasons, one being that there were firearms present. And Ezra Miller has also been accused by a set of parents of possibly grooming another woman. 

The prevailing question, career-wise for Ezra Miller is what happens with The Flash, his potential blockbuster film in the DC Extended Universe which is slated to hit screens on June 23rd of next summer. That does appear to still be the plan seeing as how DC and Warner Bros have sunk more than $200 million into the production which is slated to bring back Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as well as introduce Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. Typically this movie, even with the Ezra Miller fiascos, would be a no-brainer. But WB is coming off of canceling Batgirl and a number of different planned projects. Could The Flash now suffer the same fate? 

Time will tell what will happen with Ezra Miller and The Flash. No doubt the actor is going through issues at the moment and with new incidents continuing to crop up we could be leading to more things down the line.