Exclusive: Kevin Feige Wants An R-Rated Wolverine Movie

We've exclusively learned that Kevin Feige has plans for a solo R-rated Wolverine movie.

By Faith McKay | Published


Being the head boss for Marvel can’t be easy, but it appears to be a job that Kevin Feige really enjoys. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned into a massive and sprawling franchise of stories, all of them living under the PG-13 rating line. Now, though, the MCU is growing. They have new characters from the comics that haven’t always safely fit under that PG-13 rating line. Creating movies that safely fit in a PG-13 rating may not have chafed when writing Iron Man the way it does for Punisher. After some digging on Giant Freakin Robot’s behalf, one of our trusted and proven inside sources has reported that Kevin Feige wants to do a solo Wolverine movie, and he wants it to be R-rated.

Wolverine has always been a very popular X-men character. He was a natural choice to lead the way in the films when they were under Fox’s direction. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was a fan-favorite. Jackman has also been a long-time friend of Kevin Feige’s, which has always put that character on Feige’s radar. As the X-Men are being introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, breaking in with a solo Wolverine venture makes a lot of sense, as does creating an R-rated film for the character. He smokes cigars, he drinks at bars, he’s kind of angry, and he’s all kinds of violent. His R-rated film would offer something very different from Deadpool’s, which further expands what we’re seeing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Naturally, though, there is a problem.

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When you’re Kevin Feige, the head boss of Marvel, you get to pretty much do what you want. Right? Eh, not so much. A month ago, we learned that Kevin Feige and Disney were having an argument.

While Disney gave the go-ahead for an R-rating on Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds, they wanted to draw the line and saying that’s the end of that. Meanwhile, Kevin Feige is hitting a wall with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s PG-13 rating and wants to make more R-rated films in the future. At the time, we didn’t know of any specific projects that Kevin Feige wanted to make with an R-rating, but Wolverine would certainly be a fun place to start for an R-rated solo film as Marvel moves to introduce their newly acquired X-Men characters.

At this time, we aren’t sure whether that same argument is ongoing. Whether Kevin Feige is getting pushback on the idea of a solo R-rated Wolverine project from Disney isn’t yet known, but it seems very likely to be the case given how recent that argument was. It sounds like that may be an issue moving forward with this project.

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Are we likely to see Hugh Jackman take up the role of Wolverine in this new solo movie? That is something fans are going to naturally want to know. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely. Our source was unable o share whether they’ve cast anyone at this point. Hugh Jackman has been very clear in his public interviews that while he loved his time with X-Men, that part of his life is over. As for who will play him, it’s anyone’s guess.

Of note, Geekosity Mag recently reported that their sources hear we can expect a Wolverine project in 2024. They also say that Kevin Feige has been working on his plans for a Wolverine movie since at least 2019. While we can’t confirm that, hopefully, a 2024 release is in the cards. It seems a safe bet that we can expect this is going to be a big one from Marvel.

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