Exclusive: Rosario Dawson Will Lead A Star Wars Movie

Rosario Dawson is getting a movie as Ahsoka Tano.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Rosario Dawson made an incredibly strong impression as Ahsoka Tano when she appeared as the character in the second season of The Mandalorian. We already know that she will be the star of her own Disney+ series titled Ahsoka. Many have expected that to be the extent of her involvement with the character. Well, we have a new scoop that adds an exciting wrinkle to Ahsoka’s future as a live-action character in the Star Wars universe.

Our trusted inside source – the same one that gave us our confirmed scoop about Josh Brolin returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thanos – has told us that Rosario Dawson will continue the story of Ahsoka Tano in a feature film that will center around her character. The Ahsoka series on Disney+ will lead into this eventual movie. According to our source, the series will be about Ahsoka’s hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn and the movie will focus on what happens after he is found. This links up with other rumors we have heard about Thrawn getting a feature film where he would be a major character.

But, Rosario Dawson will not be the only familiar face in this movie. Our source says that Din Djarin a.k.a. Mando and Grogu a.k.a. Baby Yoda will also be featured in this movie. It makes sense to transition those characters to a feature film considering their immense popularity with fans and casual audiences. And if fans know that their favorite characters will all get together for a film, they will be properly hyped to believe the movie will be a true event in the Star Wars franchise.

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One does have to wonder if giving Rosario Dawson a feature film as Ahsoka Tano will hinge on how well the Ahsoka series ends up being received. Granted, her single appearance in the episode “The Jedi” ended up getting an overwhelmingly positive reception. As of now, banking on Ahsoka Tano as another key figure in the Star Wars franchise seems like the safest of bets. She has already proven to be extremely popular in her animated incarnations like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. If the faithful fanbase is already on board with her as a character, having her take up the mantle of a lead character in a feature film should be an easy win.

The only big question we have is whether or not this movie would be a theatrical exclusive. With Rosario Dawson making her debut as Ahsoka on Disney+ and continuing through to her own series, will audiences be motivated to see the character in a theatrical film? Will enough wider audiences feel confused if they have not been watching the Star Wars shows on Disney+? Or could this be structured like one of Disney+’s Premier Access movies where fans can pay a price to view it on Disney+? If it does end up being a theatrical exclusive, it will be an interesting experiment to see how influential Disney+’s programming is on those same consumers going to the movie theater.

If we hear anything else about this exciting project, we will be sure to update you as soon as possible.

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