Exclusive: Paul Rudd Is In The Marvels

We've exclusively learned that Paul Rudd will be in The Marvels.

By Faith McKay | Published

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While filming the Captain Marvel follow-up, Brie Larson told interviewers that she can’t tell us much about the movie, but teased lots of “juicy things” are happening. That was the kind of Marvel-approved answer the studio’s stars normally give, but didn’t really tell anyone much of anything. Still, the studio has shared that the film will see Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers teaming up with Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel, just enough information to make audiences curious for more. Now, thanks to one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we can exclusively report that Paul Rudd is in The Marvels.

Our source was only able to share that the actor is in the movie. While all logic points to Paul Rudd playing his known Marvel role of Ant-Man, also known as Scott Lang, that wasn’t explicitly said. Still, we are expecting this means that Ant-Man will be appearing in The Marvels, which makes sense in terms of what we know about Ant-Man 3 right now. The Marvels releases November 11, 2022. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the third movie starring Paul Rudd, will release on February 17, 2023, only a few short months later. It would make sense that something in The Marvels may lead into Ant-Man 3. Bringing in the actor will help get audiences excited for that next movie and possibly provide more continuity for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It will be interesting to see if Jonathan Majors, as Kang the Conquerer, is also cast in The Marvels. He is all set to be the villain for Ant-Man 3 and has a major role building in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with his recent variant appearance in Loki on Disney+. Perhaps Paul Rudd’s appearance in The Marvels will help build into his conflict with Kang? We were unable to learn just how big of a role Paul Rudd has in The Marvels, so it may be that he has a smaller appearance, possibly just something to make us laugh. Which, the actor is definitely good for.

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While Ant-Man is sometimes a forgotten hero in the Marvel movies, Paul Rudd has always made him a fun character. Whether it’s for Marvel or something else, a director would be remiss not to use his comedic appeal in a movie. While it’s possible that the actor may only be appearing in a cameo in The Marvels, it would be more fun if they brought his character in for an ongoing subplot and comedic addition to the cast.

Maybe, Paul Rudd will be involved with the Flerken subplot. That was a hilarious addition to Captain Marvel. In the first movie, Goose the Cat mainly interacted with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, giving backstory to how the agent lost his eye. We recently learned that The Marvels will be bringing back Goose the Cat, and this time around the alien Flerken will be joined by his offspring. It isn’t a stretch to imagine that this time around, the comedic element of the alien cats will involve Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang. Whatever Marvel has in mind for his character in this next film, hopefully, it will be as fun as audiences have come to expect.

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