Michael Caine Is Joining The Fast & Furious Franchise, Our Source Confirms

Michael Caine is entering the Fast & Furious franchise.

By Drew Dietsch | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Michael Caine joining the Fast & Furious franchise is not something we would have had on our movie news bingo card. The idea that the storied and celebrated actor would be lending his immense acting talents to a series that involves flying cars is just so wild that you can’t begin to believe it. But, get your best impressions ready because that is exactly what is going down.

After an interview with Entertainment Weekly posted where Vin Diesel let slip about the major casting, one of our trusted and proven insider sources has passed along information to us here at Giant Freakin Robot that says Michael Caine will be joining the Fast & Furious movies in a major role. Our insider was not able to discover what role the franchise has in mind for the legendary thespian, but they can confirm that it will be a significant part and that the actor is going to be appearing in the last films set for the series. With the franchise set to be coming to a close after the eleventh film, we have to imagine that the Michael Caine part is going to span across both the tenth and eleventh movie.

So, who could Michael Caine be playing? If he ends up being connected to any current characters in the Fast & Furious franchise, our money would be on Caine playing the patriarch of the Shaw family. Jason Statham has mentioned in the past that the writers want to bring in Papa Shaw but nothing has completely progressed on that front. Vin Diesel has also said that they plan to introduce the Shaw brothers’ father. With us meeting the matriarch of the Shaw family, played by the illustrious Helen Mirren, it seems like we need to meet Papa Shaw as well.

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There really feels like no better role for Michael Caine to play in the Fast & Furious series. He has a history of playing one of the toughest criminals in cinema history in the absolute classic Get Carter, and it would be wonderful to see the series make an allusion to that cornerstone of crime cinema. Not to mention his connection to the landmark car thief movie, The Italian Job. Plus, it would mean that we could see Helen Mirren and Caine share screen time together. That alone should be a reason to be excited about this casting. And for the Shaw brothers to get some kind of emotional sense of closure with their father would help humanize them even more, especially if Papa Shaw ends up being an antagonistic force in the franchise at the start.

But, if Michael Caine is not going to be playing Papa Shaw, who else could he be? There could be an original role planned for him and that could also be enjoyable, but we really have to believe that bringing in an actor of his caliber means the series wants him to fill out more of the ever-expanding families of the franchise. We could not confirm with our source if Caine would be Papa Shaw, but we really believe that’s the only role that makes sense unless he is playing a completely new character.

We are looking forward to seeing Michael Caine in the Fast & Furious franchise, especially if he ends up being the father of the notorious Shaw brothers.