Exclusive: Marvel Giving Michael B. Jordan A Killmonger Solo Series

Michael B. Jordan is getting a Killmonger series developed for him.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Michael B. Jordan delivered what is arguably the most complex and engaging villain in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe with Erik Killmonger. Between his riveting performance and the interesting layers to the character, fans have continued to love the character despite his antagonistic nature. Many have wondered if the character was ever going to make a return in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the actor himself has even said he was willing to come back. Well, it sounds like that just might be the plan for the future.

According to our trusted inside source – the same one that gave us our confirmed exclusive scoops regarding Don Cheadle appearing as War Machine in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Josh Brolin returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thanos – Michael B. Jordan is getting a Killmonger series developed for him over at Disney+. This is not the Wakanda-focused series that was recently announced but is being developed parallel to that series. There are apparently a number of Wakandan series currently in development and one of them will be about the Dora Milaje. The assumption is that Killmonger would be focused on the period of time before we meet Killmonger as an adult in Black Panther and will help flesh out his backstory.

It would be great to see Michael B. Jordan return to the role of Erik Killmonger if just to get another look at his phenomenal performance in the role. However, there is certainly plenty of backstories to explore with the character. We are told that he was a Navy SEAL that was deployed to Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq and racked up a ridiculous number of confirmed kills. He also joined up with a ghost unit associated with the CIA. Basically, there are plenty of directions a Killmonger series could go with all the unexplored angles of his history.

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And you have to imagine that a Killmonger episode would allow Michael B. Jordan the opportunity to flesh out exactly how Erik became such a radicalized person. As villainous as Killmonger is, his story is a tragic one. The chance to showcase just how his involvement with government entities and his animosity towards T’Challa shaped his character sounds like the kind of acting opportunities that any thespian would jump at the chance to visit. And it is very likely that audiences would immediately be on board for this considering how positive the reception was to his portrayal in the first Black Panther.

We have to imagine that Killmonger would be a miniseries since there would not be a whole bunch of stories to stretch out for the character. However, Michael B. Jordan is such a commanding actor that it could be possible the Killmonger series is so popular that Marvel finds a way to keep him coming back. But, it seems as if some of these Marvel Cinematic Universe shows on Disney+ are crafted to be single seasons. In that way, they end up being something of extended movies for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while a Killmonger feature film might not feel momentous enough, a series about the character seems like the right way to approach a return for Michael B. Jordan.

With a Killmonger series in development, it is worth wondering if Marvel is starting to look at which of their antagonists are worth giving center stage. We already have the Loki series coming up, so it seems like Marvel Studios is starting to see how to take some of their originally villainous characters and actually make them the protagonists of certain stories. After the massive success of DC’s Joker, it is clear that audiences are interested in seeing stories that center around more antagonistic characters. And Killmonger would be a great one to try that method out on.


We certainly hope we will get to see Michael B. Jordan return to the role of Killmonger, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the Killmonger show is able to continue through the development process and reach production. An entire show centered on Erik Killmonger sounds like the kind of daring and even potentially controversial project that we could use more of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will definitely be keeping our eyes and ears open about more news on this one.

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