Exclusive: Lena Headey Cast In Upcoming Marvel Project

The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive has it that Lena Headey is coming to an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project

By Doug Norrie | Published

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It won’t be long until every actor or actress that’s alive and kicking in Hollywood will have taken part in one of the major comic book movie houses’ productions. That’s just the way of the industry these days with so many Marvel and DC projects either up and running or on their way that filling all the roles might even be a little tough. So it should never come as any kind of surprise to hear that an established talent is coming over for a new role. The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source has it that Lena Headey has been cast in an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project and will be joining their ever-growing ranks sooner than later. 

We aren’t quite sure which project or character Lena Headey will be taking on in this move to Marvel though there are no shortage of productions coming down the pike for the comic book studio. It is almost insane to consider seeing the number of movies and blockbusters these folks have already put out, but the studio is basically still in growth mode projecting out into the future.

There are tons of movies and series on the way over the next few years. Just on the movie front, there are still plenty of casting decisions to be made for flicks Fantastic Four, Blade, Deadpool 3, Captain America, and more. And on the Disney+ series side, we have Secret Invasion (mostly cast at this point), Ironheart, Armor Wars, and more in the works. So really the possibilities have a pretty wide range for where Lena Headey could fit in. 

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This news about Lena Headey follows another Giant Freakin Robot exclusive that Marvel head Kevin Feige had been eyeing the actress for a major role in the MCU. It was noted at the time that Feige had been a major fan of Game of Thrones and specifically what Headey brought to that series as the evil Cersei Lannister. From that perspective, one could see Lena Headey entering the MCU in some sort of villainous role considering she put on one of the all-time performances in that sense with GOT. But that is only speculation at this point. We’ve seen the talented actress play both sides of the coin throughout her career. 

Remember, while it wasn’t necessarily on display in Game of Thrones, Lena Headey has some action productions on her resume already. More than a decade ago she played Sarah Conner on Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles which extended that franchise into a world that began to develop just how the machines worked their way into power. She was fantastic in the role. And then recently she was in Gunpowder Milkshake with Karen Gillan, the two playing assassins. She dialing up the intensity for a role in Marvel wouldn’t be a stretch at all. 

Time will tell what becomes of this Lena Headey casting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But there is clearly something happening on that front and there are plenty of productions coming down the pike. We should have more firm news shortly. 

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