Lena Headey’s New Series Shutdown After Alleged Altercation On Set

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

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Lena Headey is set to star in another major production for HBO, but the series has hit a major snag in filming. According to Deadline, The White House Plumbers has been shut down amidst an investigation on set. It is an inauspicious start to the series which is dealing with a controversial subject in its own right. The filming was halted last week with no clear timeline around when it will pick up again. And HBO has been rather mum on the exact reason for the shutdown. 

While details are a bit sparse on what had the Lena Headey series stopped, for the time being, rumors according to the Deadline reporting have it that something occurred between series director and executive producer David Mandel and a member of the prop department for the show. Deadline reviewed audio of a verbal altercation between the two and apparently, Mandel can be heard cursing and threatening the prop department employee. Again, it is unclear if this is the specific reason for the show suspending filming, but things shut down on Friday and there was no clear word about when the cast and the crew would return to the set. It is filming in New York.  

The White House Plumbers is set to be a five-part limited series on HBO that follows the story of the Watergate affair that ended up toppling the Nixon Presidency. Woody Harrelson is playing E. Howard Hunt, who along with G. Gordon Liddy, plotted the burglaries of the Watergate Hotel which eventually led to Nixon having to resign from the Presidency. Lena Headey will be playing Dorothy Hunt, Howard’s wife who is also an asset for the CIA. She is set to have a major role in the production and apparently, the series will juxtapose the controversy around the scandal with the Hunts’ home life during the time. 

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Joining Lena Headey and Woody Harrelson in The White House Plumbers will also be Justin Theroux who is set to play Liddy in the series. Considering the subject matter and the cast there is a solid shot that this series will be another hit for HBO. Taking the subject matter and looking at it from a different point of view, this time inside the White House could be fascinating. 

Lena Headey is, of course, most famous for recently playing Cersei Lannister in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. Her evil turn in the show was one of the highlights, accentuating her ability to play an evil, plotting, and conniving character to her very core. It was a masterful turn and she maintained such an antagonistic role for all eight seasons, becoming central to the story of Westeros and the battle for ultimate power in that world. 

Most recently, she starred in Netflix’s Gunpowder Milkshake playing the mother of Karen Gillan’s main character. The movie was moderately well-received by critics but has already been given a sequel on the platform. It stands to reason that Lena Headey would return for this the second time around. We are still waiting on word whether The White House Plumbers has resumed production this week.