Exclusive: James McAvoy Eyed To Play Marvel Superhero Darkhawk

Thanks to some information from a trusted and proven inside source, we've exclusively learned that Marvel wants James McAvoy to play Darkhawk.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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James McAvoy has already played a fairly prominent character from Marvel comics. Taking on the part of Charles Xavier from X-Men was a major undertaking. As the X-Men are looking at making their grand Marvel Cinematic Universe entrance, the actor has been asked many times if he’ll be reprising that role, and he seems fairly tired of answering it. While many of the actors who played in the Fox-owned X-Men movies would be stoked at the chance, James McAvoy has said he’s been there and done that. However, he will always take on a well-written and interesting character. Now, Giant Freakin Robot is hearing they may have one for him. Thanks to some information from a trusted and proven inside source, we’ve exclusively learned that Marvel wants James McAvoy to play Darkhawk.

Our source shared that this plan comes from Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel. While our source shared that this is a plan for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future, we weren’t able to learn where Marvel is at in working this plan out with James McAvoy. Does he like the idea of playing Darkhawk? Has the Marvel Cinematic Universe got his attention now? Has he been having talks with Kevin Feige about this? So far, all we’ve learned is that Marvel is eyeing him for the character. However, that’s pretty interesting, and it tells us a couple of things.

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For one thing, this means that they’re open to bringing in an actor like James McAvoy who worked in the Fox-owned X-Men movies for a completely different role. That’s a pretty big deal. Thanks to the Multiverse, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t bring in those same actors to play other characters. With multiple Spider-Mans running around, it would be understandable for Anna Paquin to appear as Rogue and an unknown actor to appear at her side as Wolverine. That would be a challenge to the storytelling for sure, and isn’t necessarily what they’re going to do. But considering James McAvoy for Darkhawk tells us that, at the very least, they’re not committed to having all of the same actors reprise those roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For another thing, this news tells us that Marvel plans to bring Darkhawk into the universe’s future sometime in the future, whether James McAvoy is interested or not. Darkhawk is also known as Chris Powell. He first appeared in the comics in the 1990s. He isn’t as well known as a character like Professor X, and that may appeal to McAvoy after playing such a well-known character in the past.

This raises a big question about when the Marvel Cinematic Universe is looking to bring in Darkhawk. Right now, Disney+ is working on the Secret Invasion series with Nick Fury. It may be a little late in the game to bring James McAvoy in for that now, but Darkhawk was around for the Skrull invasion. Interestingly, the character also has some ties to Starfox, who was just introduced in the post-credits scene of Eternals. It’s unknown what future movies or shows will have Harry Styles reappear as Starfox, but as the brother of Thanos, he’s expected to be around. It’ll be interesting to see if Marvel uses any of these ties from the comics to bring Darkhawk into the MCU or if they have other plans for the character ahead.