Exclusive: Three Harry Potter Series On The Way

By Faith McKay | 6 days ago

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When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released as a novel, fans knew that they had the end of the films to still look forward to, but were scared to hope that more stories would come. These days, the Wizarding World has shown that it’s big enough to tell a wider number of stories, with the release of Cursed Child and the Fantastic Beasts films. These additions always leave open the question of how much more fans can expect from this franchise. Now, Giant Freakin Robot has learned some exclusive details from one of our trusted and proven inside sources. At this time, Warner Bros is developing three different Harry Potter shows.

Clearly, the studio has a franchise and they want to see that built up. It’s going to be interesting to see how they work on fleshing this out. We were unable to learn for certain what each of the three series will be about. Can we expect to see any of the original trio involved? Or perhaps a member of the silver trio (Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley, and Luna Lovegood) would be a natural choice for a Harry Potter series? Of course, it could be that they’re working on a project with entirely new characters or at a different point in the timeline. Fantastic Beasts has shown that this could be done, but hopefully, somewhere among the three series, there is room to see a familiar character for Harry Potter fans.

We do have some data to go on to give us some perspective on what Warner Bros may be planning here. Six months ago, we let you know that The Hollywood Reporter had learned that Warner Bros was working on a Harry Potter series, though they had no further details beyond that. We went digging. Then, five months ago, we let you know that Warner Bros was working on developing a series around Hermione Granger and that Emma Watson was talking to the studio about the idea.

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It wasn’t clear if the Hermione Granger project was the same as the one The Hollywood Reporter had learned about one month prior. Possibly, this Hermione Granger series is still one of the three in development. As Hermione Granger is a fan-favorite character, and Emma Watson is still a popular actress, this would seem like a perfect idea if Warner Bros can get all of their pieces in place.

It would seem like an HBO Max series starring Daniel Radcliffe (who played Harry Potter) would be asking too much. However, Radcliffe is still acting today. He has always been positive in interviews when discussing the fandom and even the very large effects it has on his life. The final novel in the series had a lengthy epilogue, which author JK Rowling has said was longer in its first draft. The point, Rowling said, was that she felt Harry Potter going off and living a family life after so much trauma and war, was the bravest thing he could do. That sounds like she may feel telling more stories with his character could be possible, though less likely probably than something with Emma Watson.

It seems more likely that only one of the three series is likely to include original cast members from the Harry Potter films, since their stories would overlap, unless Warner Bros is looking to create a series of interconnected shows. That would possibly be the neatest thing they could do and a great way to build out a Harry Potter universe on HBO Max, but at this point, we haven’t heard anything that points that direction. Right now, all we know is that three Harry Potter shows are currently in development with Warner Bros. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more details on those soon.