Exclusive: Ezra Miller Signed On For Flash Trilogy

We've exclusively learned that Ezra Miller has signed with DC for a Flash trilogy.

By Faith McKay | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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DC was working on a movie for Barry Allen before the modern DC Extended Universe was around, all the way back in 2004. It’s taken them a long time to get the right creative team on board and find their star in Ezra Miller. Now, they’ve set up The Flash to be a major event for their franchise. Appearances by more than one Batman are sure to make people sit up and get curious. People are going to want to see this movie to understand how it will all play out, and that’s something DC is clearly banking on. Now, we’ve learned from one of our trusted and proven inside sources that Ezra Miller has signed on for a trilogy of movies about The Flash.

Clearly, DC is confident in this project and in Ezra Miller moving forward. In a world for DC without Zack Snyder, they’ve been making a lot of moves recently that indicate they’re getting a clearer picture of the way ahead for the franchise. It appears that Ezra Miller is going to be a large part of that. We were unable to learn whether he will also be appearing in other DC projects, but if he’s getting a trilogy, it seems likely that audiences will also be getting a glimpse of him in some of the other upcoming DC projects in the coming years. Perhaps he’ll be running through some of their HBO Max projects on the way.

The Flash is going to cover the Flashpoint story from the comics, something that’s been anticipated for a long time. We were unable to learn whether DC has specific storylines from the comics in mind for the Ezra Miller trilogy. Since they started planning a movie for Barry Allen back in 2004, it would make sense if they’d also already mined the comics for the full trilogy.

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While we’ve seen Ezra Miller play Barry Allen in other DC films, like Justice League, the Flashpoint story is going to be a strong spot to introduce his solo films. The story shows Barry Allen using time travel to undo his mother’s murder, and then facing the wild consequences of that action. This is going to give a good look at his inner pain and the decisions he’ll make as a hero to set things right. As a jumping-off place, it’s a good story to set up a hero’s backstory.

Ezra Miller is going to be meeting up with Ben Affleck in The Flash, in what we’ve learned will be Affleck’s final performance as Batman. He’ll also be meeting up with Michael Keaton, who we’ve learned will have a larger role moving forward in the DC Extended Universe. It will be interesting to see how their relationship might develop over the coming projects. Perhaps they’ll find time between these three solo movies for Ezra Miller to appear in more of Keaton’s upcoming projects as Batman. Hopefully, The Flash will see the start of a more cohesive DC Extended Universe moving forward with this multi-picture deals.