Exclusive: Eiza Gonzalez In Talks To Star In Game Of Thrones Creators’ New Sci-Fi Netflix Show

We've exclusively learned that Eiza Gonzalez is in talks to star in a sci-fi series for Netflix.

By Faith McKay | Published

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There haven’t been many updates since the Benioff and Weiss adaptation for The Three-Body Problem was first announced for Netflix. The hard science fiction series is an ambitious undertaking that many are curious about. Benioff and Weiss are often blamed by fans for the controversial ending of Game of Thrones. They recently had a planned project at HBO called Confederate that was immediately controversial and eventually scrapped. Now, they’re working on an adaptation of a hard science fiction novel that is largely plot-driven and occurs across time and continents. While the project has seemed to be quiet, they are making progress behind the scenes. Thanks to one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we’ve learned that they are currently in talks with Eiza Gonzalez to star in the series.

The Three-Body Problem for Netflix is based on the novel by Liu Cixin. The series mostly takes place in China, where Liu Cixin is from. While we wish we knew what role Eiza Gonzalez is in talks to play, we weren’t able to learn much about her role. Most of the characters in the first novel of the trilogy are of Chinese descent and living in China. Eiza Gonzalez is of Mexican descent, born in Mexico City.

While most of the characters are Chinese, the series does take place across several hundred years and, in part, in other countries. It would make sense for Eiza Gonzalez to be playing one of the characters in The Present part of the timeline, possibly someone who doesn’t even exist in the books. In the present day, there is a plotline in the novels where the American military gets involved. It’s possible Eiza Gonzalez’s character will be part of this group or be involved with the Red Coast Base group.

eiza gonzalez

As a novel, The Three-Body Problem was originally published in Chinese and then translated for English-reading audiences by Ken Liu. It takes place over hundreds of years, meaning there will be a lot of characters and three main periods of time that Eiza Gonzalez’s character may be a part of. It would make sense if Benioff and Weiss will be telling this story by jumping around the timeline instead of telling it in a linear fashion,.

At first, the novel mainly follows Ye Wenjie and tells an alien contact story. After a series of events where Ye Wenjie loses her faith in humanity. She then gets a message from an alien planet, Trisolaris. She is told not to respond or the aliens will invade earth. She chooses to respond. At first, no one knows her secret, and she is willing to kill to keep it, but then she confides in Mike Evans. This character then assembles a team and discovers that the aliens really are coming to Earth. This creates the Red Base group, which Eiza Gonzalez may be a part of. Since the novels are so plot-driven and are actually a trilogy, it will be interesting to see how the writers for the series decide to handle the characters and the complex timeline of events.

Eiza Gonzalez is not yet particularly well known, but she was a fan-favorite as Darling in Baby Driver and has had roles in Godzilla Vs. Kong and I Care A Lot. We’ll be updating you as soon as we learn more about her role and what it will mean for the Netflix series.