Why Emma Watson Refused To Film A Scene With Channing Tatum

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

Emma Watson is an upstanding actress and one of the more talented folks working in Hollywood these days. And she definitely has a sense of humor, but there apparently was a line she wasn’t willing to cross in a movie from a few years ago. Apparently, she even walked off the set in the middle of the scene because she thought things were getting a little too out of hand for her tastes and sensibilities. According to an interview with Seth Rogen for GQ Magazine, there was a scene from This is the End that pushed it too far for Emma Watson. 

Though she ultimately appeared in the film, Emma Watson did have a major problem with one of the scenes. It involved more than a few off-color components so it’s not totally clear what pushed her over the edge. Apparently, in the scene, it is well after the rapture has taken the lives of many humans and the roving gangs of marauders are starting to take over. Danny McBride is leading a group of cannibals and is dragging Channing Tatum around by a chain. He’s dressed like the gimp from Pulp Fiction and is very much being viewed in a similar light. 

According to Rogan, in the interview, Emma Watson apparently knew about the scene ahead of time but when she actually got eyes on the proceedings and was in the thick of it she decided she couldn’t be a part of it. She told Rogen she wasn’t going to be able to do it and basically walked off the set. Rogen is quick to remind folks that this wasn’t some personal or professional rift between the two but rather just a conflict over this one scene. Watson still had a role in the film and is part of an absolutely hilarious scene when she first stumbles into the house. 

emma watson

Ultimately, that ended up being the “big” moment in the movie for Emma Watson. But it is funny thinking about there could have been somethig even more wild and outlandish if the original idea had stuck and she’d been able to see the scene through. It plays even better knowing the actress is a little on the straighter lace side of things. 

Emma Watson and her involvement (or lack thereof) in This Is the End wasn’t the focal point but just another surprise in a great, and hilarious ensemble film. Seth Rogen and company called in all the comedic markers on this one and it was just jammed packed with popular faces. The movie had a completely different feel with everyone playing their own Hollywood self and figuring out what is happening at the end of the world. There was a reason it was a hit at the box office and with critics as well. 

As for Emma Watson, there are rumors that she and the rest of the Harry Potter crew could be returning to the world of Hogwarts in a possible follow-up story to the original books and movies. That is strictly in the rumor phase but there has been increasing talk that something like this could happen. She wouldn’t be walking off that set.