Emma Stone Stars In New Horror Comedy Series That’s Breaking Our Brains

By Chad Langen | Updated

Announced in February 2020, The Curse unites the stellar talents of Benny Safdie, Nathan Fielder, and Emma Stone. The upcoming series will debut on Friday, November 10 for Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers, and then air on Showtime’s regular channel on Sunday, November 12. Today, Showtime dropped the first full-length trailer for the series, which looks to be an interesting fusion of suspense and oddity.

Oscar-winner Emma Stone, known for her standout role in 2018’s Maniac, makes a highly anticipated return to television in The Curse. Alongside co-star Nathan Fielder, they portray Whitney and Asher Siegel, a home-flipping reality TV duo facing supernatural disturbances stemming from Asher’s decision to reclaim a $100 bill given to a local girl on their show Flipanthropy.

Benny Safdie and Nathan Fielder are masters in crafting unsettling stories.

Beneath their on-screen expertise in home improvement lies a poignant journey as they grapple with personal struggles, notably their heartfelt pursuit of parenthood.

Nathan Fielder, in addition to his starring role in The Curse, played a pivotal role as the co-creator of the series, collaborating with co-star Benny Safdie. Safdie takes on the role of a producer who appears to influence Fielder’s character, Asher, leading him toward the pivotal money-snatching moment depicted in the trailer.

Additionally, the trailer offers a glimpse of Safdie’s character dismissing the moral dilemmas of Emma Stone’s character, hinting at the complex dynamics and ethical dilemmas that will unfold in the show.

Rounding out the cast of The Curse are renowned actors like Barkhad Abdi, Corbin Bernsen, Doug Montoya, Gigi Erneta, Hans Christopher, and Constance Shulman. Notably, this series marks a reunion for Abdi and Safdie, who previously showcased their undeniable chemistry in the acclaimed film Good Time.

the curse
The Curse

Given the collective prowess of this diverse group, there‚Äôs no question that their combined performances will pair well with the show’s intriguing narrative.

Nathan Fielder, wearing multiple hats, will also be directing every episode.

Benny Safdie and Nathan Fielder are masters in crafting unsettling stories. Fielder, with his acclaimed shows like Nathan for You and The Rehearsal, masterfully melds cringe-worthy humor with enthralling narratives, offering a distinct viewing pleasure.

Safdie, through films like Good Time and Uncut Gems, presents cinematic marvels that radiate an intense energy, keeping viewers to the edge of their seats.

Nathan Fielder, wearing multiple hats, will also be directing every episode. Adding to the promise of the show is the backing by A24, a powerhouse in the world of cinema, which undoubtedly provides an unmistakable seal of quality to the project.

Showtime has posted the trailer for their new original series The Curse, starring Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder.

Known for their groundbreaking and avant-garde filmmaking sensibilities, A24’s collaboration with The Curse not only amplifies its appeal but also stands as a compelling endorsement of the series’ anticipated excellence.

The Curse is set to premiere next month, with new episodes releasing weekly. But for those lucky enough to be in New York, the New York Film Festival will showcase the first three episodes on October 13.