Zatanna Movie Happening, Emilia Clarke To Star As The Superhero?

By Faith McKay | 3 months ago

emilia clarke

Is the live-action Zatanna movie we’ve been promised for years finally about to happen? There are multiple indicators that now is the time. But what form will it take, and who will star as the DC superhero? Will we finally see Emilia Clarke join the DC Extended Universe? Let’s dive into what we know so far. First, and most important, an image showing upcoming projects was shown at AT&T’s Analyst & Investor Day 2021. The graphic shows a lot of projects we know about for DC, including Black Adam and Aquaman 2. In the third slot in the third row, there is a logo we haven’t seen before for Zatanna

Previously, there were strong rumors that Warner Bros. was working on either a film or television series for Zatanna Zatara and that Emilia Clarke would take the starring role. This new graphic from AT&T confirms that something is definitely on the way. Now, insider Daniel Richtman has heard that Zatanna will be a live-action project and that it will be both a movie and television series.

Previously, there have been rumors that Emilia Clarke will play Zatanna Zatara. Clarke is most well known for her time on Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen, or, Khaleesi. She played the role for nearly a decade. Now, fans are excited to see her take on something new. Most recently, fans wanted her to take over Amber Heard’s role as Mera in Aquaman for the DC Extended Universe. While there have been continued rumors of Clarke playing Zatanna, there have also been stories that she wasn’t interested in the role. Following those stories, Anya Chloatra of The Witcher became a popular contender. These days, we still have no cast announcements, but Clarke seems to be the frontrunner most are betting on.  

Insider Daniel Richtman has heard that Warner Bros. intends for Zatanna Zatara to have both movies and a series for HBO Max. While it’s unclear whether Warner Bros. would want to bet on both projects when they haven’t brought the character to the screen yet, this is similar to other rumors that have come up in the past. Perhaps the studio is willing to bet on the popularity of the character, particularly if they get a fan favorite like Emilia Clarke for the role. 


If you aren’t familiar with Zatanna Zatara, it’s because you haven’t seen the character in a feature film yet. If Emilia Clarke picks up the role, she’ll be the first. Despite her lack of screen time, Zatanna is a popular character in the comics. She first appeared in 1964. Zatanna is a magician who discovers she has actual magical powers. If you attend a con, you’ll likely see someone dressed up as Zatanna. She’s known for being powerful, fun, and a touch unpredictable.

While a new project for Zatanna has been in the works for a long while, it’s unclear just how far along Warner Bros. is on bringing this to life. As of yet, they haven’t confirmed that they’ve spoken with Emilia Clarke or anyone else for casting. Still, we now have some momentum building on the project. Hopefully, that will mean some casting announcements and production dates will be announced for us soon.