An Iconic Eddie Murphy Movie Is Now Free To Watch On Streaming

By Rick Gonzales | 2 months ago

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The return of Eddie Murphy continues. While his Coming 2 America is making noise over at Amazon, another one of Murphy’s movies is now running on the free IMDB TV streaming service.

Vastly underrated, Boomerang is a 1992 romantic comedy starring Eddie Murphy as Marcus Graham, a self-assured advertising executive who is a brazen womanizer and male chauvinist. Things begin to go sideways for Marcus, who is always in control when he meets his new boss Jacqueline Broyer (played by Robin Givens), and quickly realizes that she is the female version of himself. She treats him exactly as how he treats the woman around him.

Life seems to be going splendidly for Eddie Murphy’s Marcus, the cocky ad exec and notorious womanizer. He takes what he wants, when he wants, and doesn’t mind letting others know. He will lie to any woman to get what he wants and doesn’t plan on settling down until he finds his perfect woman. His best pals Gerard (David Alan Grier) and Tyler (Martin Lawrence) let him know his standards are way too high, especially given the fact that Marcus mainly judges women by their feet.

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The company Eddie Murphy’s Marcus works for has been bought by cosmetics mogul Lady Eloise (Eartha Kitt). She invites Marcus home with her and has bad intentions for the pair. Marcus decides to spend the night with her, thinking he will be getting a promotion from it but is shocked when the following day he is introduced to his new boss, Jacqueline. During the party to celebrate the merger, Marcus is also introduced to Angela Lewis (Halle Berry). But Marcus has no interest, so he sets up Gerard with her.

Meanwhile, Marcus has one goal in mind. To seduce Jacqueline. Despite using all his charms, Jacqueline ignores him, finding basketball on TV more interesting. But on a business trip to New Orleans, she unexpectedly invites him to her room, where the two have sex. The big test for Marcus is the next morning when he sees her feet. They pass the test.

Marcus slowly begins to fall for Jacqueline, but he starts to realize she is treating him exactly how he treats other women. She keeps him in line with sex, she ignores his feelings, she is in complete control of their relationship. Marcus then finds out that Jacqueline has been bragging about the relationship. Marcus is unable to handle the office gossip and his work suffers for it. After almost ruining a big business deal, Jacqueline forces Marcus to take some paid time off instead of being fired.


During his downtime, Marcus begins to hang out with Angela. They get closer, ending up in bed together. Gerard is mad because he and Angela have instead become great friends and Gerard thinks Marcus is going to treat her how he treats all the other women in his life. After overhearing how Marcus talks about her to Jacqueline, Angela decides Marcus isn’t for her. Plus, Jacqueline wants him back now. Love in a romantic comedy can be quite confusing. Who gets whom?

Eddie Murphy was coming off the success of Another 48 Hours when he took on the role of Marcus. According to director Reginald Hudlin, the intent was to give audiences a different type of character for Eddie Murphy to play. Someone they haven’t seen before. In his past movies, Murphy was more an over-the-top comedian versus the more grounded character in Boomerang. Even though his previous turn as Prince Akeem in Coming to America had romance in it, the movie didn’t offer Murphy a true romantic lead part. Boomerang was definitely a step in that direction.

Unfortunately, fans and critics were not ready for Eddie Murphy to step away from his usual shenanigans and become a romantic lead. Critics have given the film a way less than favorable review and fans, in this instance, have followed suit. Hudlin made the movie for $42 million, and it actually brought in nearly $132 million at the box office.

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Eddie Murphy went right back to what was working for him after Boomerang when he appeared in The Distinguished Gentleman. He followed that with the disastrous Beverly Hills Cop III, the just as bad Vampire in Brooklyn, and then got back on track with The Nutty Professor.

Eddie Murphy’s career would eventually turn into a roller coaster of good and bad, prompting the actor to walk away from making movies for a number of years. It wasn’t until his 2019 appearance on Saturday Night Live and the feature film Dolomite is My Name that Murphy began to be a household name again. Coming 2 America solidified his return and next up for Murphy is Triplets, the sequel to the 1988 comedy Twins starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as brothers Julius and Vincent Benedict who find out they have another brother in Eddie Murphy. Of course, there is also the rumor that Murphy will be returning to familiar ground again when he reprises his role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop IV.

If you’re in the mood to see Eddie Murphy as a romantic lead, you can check out Boomerang here. If you don’t have an account, they are easy to create, and best of all, the movies are free. Enjoy.