Dwayne Johnson To Turn A Huge Videogame Into A Movie?

Dwayne Johnson is rumored to have his eyes set on a video game adaptation next.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Dwayne Johnson is well-known for saying that the secret to success is to be the hardest worker in the room. To that end, he’s always doing something, from cameoing in Taylor Swift music videos to playing around with the idea of running for president. Now, according to what insider Daniel Richtman told his Patreon page, The Rock wants to start up a new video game adaptation series for the Quake games.

Interestingly, seven months ago We Got This Covered had heard from their sources that Ryan Reynolds was talking about making a Quake adaptation. Adapting a first-person shooter video game is more in Dwayne Johnson’s wheelhouse, but at the time, they’d heard that Reynolds was considering doing more with video game movies after Detective Pikachu and Free Guy. While video game adaptation movies have a poor reputation, some argue that they’re picking up steam.

Quake isn’t as well-known today as it once was, but is still a major force in the video game industry. The first game came out in 1996. It took place in a maze where you fought monsters. The follow-up games have all taken on their own stories. The first game follows a main player named Ranger, though we don’t learn that until a later installment. He is traveling across dimensions to stop an enemy called Quake. The game is known for being science-fiction, but with touches of Lovecraftian horror and dark fantasy, especially when it comes to the monsters.

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It’s the monsters that make Quake something more than just your average first-person shooter and could make the Dwayne Johnson adaptation something interesting to watch, something different than most people would expect. At the same time, a first-person shooter-style video game adaptation falls into the realms of what you might expect from The Rock. The combination of the expected with the unexpected might be what Johnson sees as a winner for one of his next projects.

Audiences were more than a little skeptical when he decided to join a Jumanji reboot. Fans were protective of the movie from the 90s starring Robin Williams. They were so skeptical that names like Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Dwayne Johnson did nothing to dissuade their fears. That movie turned into a major blockbuster, earning nearly a billion. After he took such a leap with Jumanji, it’s hard to doubt any of his business decisions. If he believes that Quake is the next big thing, it’s worth taking a second look.

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The rumor that Ryan Reynolds was looking at Quake several months ago makes it sound like there may be more studios talking about turning the long-running video game into a film, or that Reynolds brought it up with Dwayne Johnson himself. The two know each other. They recently filmed Red Notice together for Netflix.

If Dwayne Johnson does turn Quake into a movie franchise, it will be interesting to see what character he plays and what they pull from the wide-ranging series. With the long history Quake players have with machinima (movies made by filming inside a video game while playing it), The Rock can expect fans to have a lot of loud opinions on what they want to see happen in a Quake movie.