Dwayne Johnson Returning To Fast & Furious?

Dwayne Johnson looked like he was done with Fast & Furious, but if Vin Diesel's latest post means anything, that might not be the case

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Dwayne Johnson looked like he was done with the Fast & Furious franchise for good. It was a solid run for the actor who first came on that franchise’s scene in Fast Five. But it looked like he was done with things in that specific universe with no immediate plans to return with the rest of the crew for subsequent movies. But Vin Diesel might be telling us something different. Recently, the franchise star took to social media and might have hinted that Johnson could be returning. Check it out:

Vin Diesel posting a picture of him and Dwayne Johnson in a scene from a past film isn’t anything close to confirmation about definitive casting for a movie. But it didn’t stop fans from speculating that the two could be reuniting. Considering Diesel has any number of pictures to choose from the Fast & Furious franchise, it does stand to reason this one was chosen carefully either as a signal or a message.  

The reason this kind of seemingly innocent social media post would have Fast & Furious fans excited is that as of right now, Dwayne Johnson isn’t slated to take part in the franchise’s next movie, F9. A certain amount of tension has built around this decision over the last couple of years. For starters, there were reports of feuds between Diesel and Johnson on the sets of previous films and appeared no love was lost between the two megastars. 

Additionally, Dwayne Johnson caused more than a little consternation among the Fast & Furious family when his blockbuster film Hobbs & Shaw hit screens in summer 2019. Many saw Johnson as having been part of fast-tracking that film alongside Jason Statham, prioritizing its production over the next definitive movie in the franchise. That apparently led to F9 getting delayed and ultimately missing its initial 2020 release date. That became problematic especially considering pandemic-related closings then forced it to miss its 2020 release as well. 

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For what it’s worth F9 has already completed its filming so it’s unlikely even if there was a Dwayne Johnson reunion that it would take place in the next film. But there are other planned films in the franchise to consider. Apparently Justin Lin has already said there will be a 10th and 11th film in the franchise over the next few years. 

And, of course, there’s a Hobbs & Shaw sequel to consider as well. Could Vin Diesel make an appearance in that one considering it’s in the same universe? It’s not out of the question. With Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson’s on-set beef apparently behind them as well, we could be primed for the gang getting all back together. This social media post by Diesel could definitely be the precursor for some announcements in the near future. 

As of right now, F9 is set for a May 28, 2021 release date. It should be a big one from a franchise that’s defied a lot of odds and pushed a lot of boundaries. It would be great to get Dwayne Johnson back in the mix.