Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Just Got A Poster

See the first poster for Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Dwayne Johnson has been attached to Black Adam since 2007. He has stayed with the project for over a decade and has been determined to get the movie made. You have to admire his dedication to the role and character. For many years, fans have been worried that Black Adam would end up falling apart and that we would never see The Rock get to put his stamp on the DC superhero universe. But, against all odds, Black Adam is actually headed into production and we have the first poster to prove it.

Check out the very first poster for Dwayne johnson’ Black Adam:

black adam poster dwayne johnson

Yes, it’s nothing more than a title treatment and a release date, but for many of us that felt the Dwayne Johnson movie was doomed to evaporate after nearly fifteen years in development hell, that poster is actually a big surprise. And so is that release date. Warner Bros./DC is confidently saying that Black Adam will finally be in front of our eyes in July of 2022. One has to wonder just how much this is going to change the landscape of the DC superhero universe from both a canon perspective and for the audience’s perception of DC as a brand. If Black Adam takes off, could we see Dwayne Johnson become one of the new cornerstone characters for a shared DC film universe?

Black Adam a.k.a. Teth-Adam is an Egyptian man from centuries ago who gained the power of the wizard Shazam and became a champion of his people. However, he eventually became corrupted by his incredible abilities and became something of a despotic leader. The fact that Dwayne Johnson, best known for playing characters that the audience uniformly loves, is playing a character that is often viewed as an antagonist is certainly reason enough to be curious about Black Adam. In other iterations of the character, he is portrayed as something of an antihero, ruling over the fictional nation of Kahndaq where he is worshiped by his people as a god.

Just what particular aspects of the character will Dwayne Johnson be drawing upon for this feature film? It should be said that Black Adam and his oftentimes nemesis Billy Batson are some of the only beings known to be as strong as Superman himself. Will Black Adam be giving audiences a new superhero who could take the place of Superman when it comes to being an almighty being? Audiences have somewhat struggled with the morally conflicted and darker versions of Superman that we have gotten in recent years. Perhaps that kind of grey morality will be easier to accept from a character that many viewers will not have a history with.

black adam dwayne johnson

It is kind of wild that we will definitely be seeing Black Adam in just over a year. Dwayne Johnson has made this a passion project and it is worth celebrating that he managed to get it made after all this time. We certainly hope it has been worth the wait. We all will find out if that’s the case when Black Adam opens on July 29, 2022.