See Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter React To Black Adam Video

Check out the latest video where Dwayne Johnson's daughter judges his Black Adam concept video.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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You can be one of the most celebrated actors and producers in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean your kids will be impressed. Dwayne Johnson has finished filming on Black Adam, his upcoming antihero role for DC. He’s been pushing to have this movie made for more than a decade now. He has to be proud. But how will his very young daughter react? She liked his role in Moana, though she doesn’t believe her dad actually voiced the part of Maui. As far as superheroes go, she already has a favorite: Aquaman. Earlier this year, a video went viral where Jason Momoa recorded a special video for The Rock’s daughter and she reacted with enthusiasm. Now, Dwayne Johnson has decided to nervously record his daughter watching the first teaser trailer for Black Adam. Possibly, the toughest critic he’s met yet.

Watch Dwayne Johnson’s daughter react to the brief video below.

That’s right, folks. She said it was “cool”. And her dad says she actually believes that is her father on the big screen. At the end of the video, Dwayne Johnson says he’ll take “cool”. He seems pretty pleased and good with that as a reaction. Of course, while she may be seeing this teaser video, and he’ll likely be sharing photos of himself as a hero, it seems unlikely she’ll be the target audience for Black Adam. DC’s Aquaman was a guy swimming underwater, something that might appeal to a child. Black Adam is going to be more violent, more gritty, and likely something that his daughter won’t appreciate until she’s a bit older.

So far, Dwayne Johnson has managed to share small and exciting promises from the film. He’s shown off the first look at his costume, which has him in the dark wearing a cloak. He’s talked a lot about how he’s worked out harder than ever before to get in his best shape for his new role with DC. During his last day on the set, he gave an emotional speech for his fellow cast and crew members where he said that Black Adam was a “once in a career event”. Whenever he ends an Instagram post about the movie, he promises that the “hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is changing”.

Of course, Dwayne Johnson has also been in a lot more family-friendly works that his daughter could enjoy. The star was in Jumanji, which may be a movie she may enjoy more in a couple of years. Eventually, another Jumanji film is expected to happen, though the popular stars of that film have had a hard time aligning their schedules for that project. He also recently co-starred in Jungle Cruise on Disney+ with Emily Blunt. A sequel for the Disney movie has already been confirmed. Moana possibly remains his most popular family-friendly movie, but does that count if his child refuses to believe he’s in it? Upcoming, he has another project with DC where he’ll be voicing the character of Krypto (Superman’s dog) in DC League of Super-Pets. His daughter will be able to judge that movie when it releases on May 20, 2022.