Doctor Strange 2 Contains A Very Dark Easter Egg That Everyone Missed

Doctor Strange 2 explored a ton of new realities and cameos, but the film holds a much darker easter egg that everyone seemed to miss.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, otherwise known as Doctor Strange 2, has had an incredible run in theaters. The film has grossed over $870 million worldwide, adding itself to the list of huge pandemic-era hits. The film also broke open the multiverse in Marvel continuity. Even though that subject had been tackled in Loki, Doctor Strange opened the idea up much more, including when he and America Chavez visited 20 different realities in 40 seconds time. That is what the VFX artists spoke about in a recent interview. However, one of those realities contained a much darker secret that everyone may have missed. Apparently, during the multiverse traveling that happened so quickly, Doctor Strange and America Chavez passed through a Hydra reality. That’s right, a world the Nazis had won.

Easter eggs are always a huge topic of discussion when it comes to Marvel films. Often times creators expertly hide things that aren’t seen from a first watch by fans in the theaters. Even in trailers, these easter eggs are often overlooked. However, there had been one easter egg that contains a much darker realm that Doctor Strange 2 had shown off in a quick moment. America Chavez and Doctor Strange are trying to evade capture by the evil Scarlet Witch and they go flying into a multiverse that sends them through worlds that include a jungle and a world of paint. Then they quickly go through the Hydra world. You can see the image of this world below:

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Screenrant focused on the above image, where Doctor Strange and America Chavez go rocketing through this alternate reality, that shows a blimp with a Hydra symbol painted on it. That is a harrowing reality to think about. This could have meant that Red Skull beat Captain America, and Zemo was also now in charge of Winter Solider, and many more horrific details. That is certainly one easter egg that Marvel did for the fans, but also made quick, because who wants a world of Nazis? Doctor Strange 2 certainly did not.

Doctor Strange and America Chavez eventually end up in a reality that sees the man end up at a trial in front of The Illuminati, which is a multiverse council that brought out some of the biggest cameos the MCU has ever seen. Honestly, it would have been crazy to see an alternate version of Red Skull that wasn’t a supervillain. That wasn’t the case, but he could easily be alive in that Hydra World that the pair had passed through. Doctor Strange 2 is certainly one of the most ambitious Marvel films. Well, next to Spider-Man: No Way Home, that is.

Doctor Strange 2 is currently still in theaters, and fans go watch it again to see if they spot more than Hydra World poking out of the quick succession of universes that are passed through. The jungle could have been Savage World, which is something Kevin Feig discussed with the VFX artists. Either way, those quick moments helped to create an exciting film that has clearly been successful. Maybe next time we will get to see the Hydra version of Captain America. It did happen in the comics.

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