Disney World Just Got a Lot More Expensive

By Annie Banks | 4 mins ago

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought about the unexpected temporary shutdown of some of the world’s most famous and popular forms of entertainment. It was decided that Disney Parks like Disney World and Disneyland shut their doors in March 2020, and upon their grand reopening comes a hefty price tag.

Disneyland took the liberty of closing pass holder accounts and refunding those with an outstanding balance as they decided to discontinue its annual membership program, but Disney World did not follow their sister park’s lead. They chose to end their own annual pass holder system and recently announced that they would supplement the annual access with a new set of passes that can be purchased.

Disney World announced that they would be distributing their new annual passes through four tiers set at varying price points. The two most affordable options – the Pirate Pass and the Pixie Pass – are priced at $699 and $399. The Pirate Pass and the Pixie Pass may sound like the most financially reasonable option, but they will only be made available to Florida residents. At $899, the Sorcerer Pass caters to those who are members of the Disney Vacation Club and will face blackout dates for those who choose to use them. The Incredi-Pass is noted as the top-of-the-line option and retails at $1299.

disneyland disney world

The Incredi-Pass is the most inclusive for those who are looking to get back to the park and are not residents of Florida or are members of the Disney Vacation Club. It allows access to one or more Disney World Resort theme parks on a daily basis on dates that have been reserved by parkgoers in advance.

The Sorcerer Pass allows pass holders to visit one or more Disney parks each day with a reservation to each park. Reservations can be made on most dates and there are blackouts due to select days during holiday periods not included for pass use. Similarly, the Pirate Pass offers access to one or more Disney parks. Unlike the Incredi-Pass or the Sorcerer Pass, the Pirate Pass limits visitors to a four-hour window of time to explore the attractions. Blackout dates limit holiday period visitation.

It may be the most money-wise option, but the Pixie Pass is the most limiting to those who want to make the most out of their trips to Disney World and other Disney World Resort theme parks. While the Pixie Pass allows entrance into one or more parks, it only allows reservations to be made on most weekdays. Those who wish to attend the park are only given three reservations at a time and are stifled by holiday blackout dates.

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The restrictions placed on the lower tiers can be considered to be extremely limited to those who are eager to return to Disney World and its associated amusement parks, especially those who have been patiently awaiting the new and redesigned attractions. Major ride overhauls, such as Splash Mountain being revamped into a Princess and the Frog-based ride, have been keen to draw in lifelong Disney fans and curious parkgoers alike. Splash Mountain was not the only ride to receive a makeover, and Jungle Cruise was cued to remodel due to backlash around its history.

Passes of all tier levels will go on sale on September 8, 2021.