Demolition Man 2: Returning Cast And New Plot Explained

It makes sense that someone finally realized how great the original is and they're making Demolition Man 2.

By Liana Keane

This article is more than 2 years old

If you were to ask which Sylvester Stallone movie is his most underrated, the answer almost certainly has to be Demolition Man. The 1993 movie co-starred Wesley Snipes in one of his best villain roles, and Sandra Bullock before she was really famous. So it makes sense that someone finally realized how great the original is and they’re making Demolition Man 2.

Demolition Man 2 In Development


Demolition Man 2 is being worked on at Warner Bros. pictures. Sylvester Stallone himself confirmed it during an Instagram live Q&A.

When asked if Demolition Man 2 is happening here’s what Stallone said: “I think there is. We’re working on it right now with Warner Bros. and it’s looking fantastic. So that should come out, that’s going to happen.”

Returning Cast

Demolition Man 2

Sylvester Stallone will obviously be back as John Spartan. He’s a lot older though (73-years-old), so it’s hard to say how big a role he’ll actually play.


Not only is Stallone coming back for Demolition Man 2, word is Wesley Snipes will be back too. He was frozen and smashed into pieces at the end of the first movie, so we’re pretty sure his Phoenix character is dead. So how they’d bring him back is something of a mystery. Given that this movie takes place in the future odds are it’ll involve some sort of sci-fi contrivance like time travel or cloning.


No word yet on whether Sandra Bullock will return. She’s now 55-years-old and hasn’t been particularly active in movies, in recent years. Her last acting role was in the 2018 Netflix movie Bird Box.

The Plot Of Demolition Man 2

Demolition Man 2

Demolition Man 2 is still in pretty early development, but some scoopers claim they know what the plan for the sequel is.

Consider it just a rumor for now, but word is that the new movie will jump forward in time. The original took place in the year 2032 but the new one is expected to take place in 2058. That timing works out, since the first Demolition Man movie debuted 24 years ago and Stallone is now 24 years older. Presumably John Spartan has been living in the future all this time and getting older.

As for how they’ll explain the return of Wesley Snipes as Phoenix, rumor says they’ll use cloning to resurrect him. The plot will involve him being cloned and brought to life as a tool to reset the world to the way it used to be in the past, where most people had no free will.

That said, Snipes is not expected to be the main villain of Demolition Man 2. Only part of the main villain’s plan. The real enemy is going to be some kind of all-powerful Artificial Intelligence pulling strings behind the scenes to get humanity under its control.

Maybe we’ll finally find out how to use the three seashells.

The Original Demolition Man

Demolition Man 2

In the original Demolition Man, Stallone played a tough cop named John Spartan from the present day, frozen and brought back to life in the year 2032. Once there, he finds out that everyone in the future is soft and weak and gets fined if they use a curse word. Also, hilariously, as the victor in a series of future “fast food wars” which apparently got rather violent, Taco Bell seems to rule the world.

Sandra Bullock c0-stars with Sylvester Stallone as his naive future partner, forced to tag along and help with his outdated methods of crime-fighting. But she needs him, because a violent criminal from the past named Phoenix (played by Wesley Snipes) has also been unfrozen. Because cops of the future are so soft and weak, they lack the necessary skills to deal with such a hardened killer. They need Spartan to stop him.