Netflix Turning One Of The Biggest Video Games Into A Dave Bautista Series?

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

david bautista

One has to respect Dave Bautista. Besides just being an enormous talent (emphasis on enormous) he also is able to really see the full landscape of the movie industry in order to pick and choose his spots on the screen. Not content to simply be part of one of the biggest movie universes and franchises of all time, the guy is consistently out there looking for big projects that get him excited. And he might have another one coming. According to We Got This Covered, Bautista’s dream of adapting a very popular video game into a movie might be coming true. It looks like Netflix is getting the ducks in a row to make a Gears of War film adaptation or even a full series. 

This news about Dave Bautista and the possibility of him starring in Gears of War comes on the heels from last week’s rumor that the actor was aggressively pursuing the opportunity to put the film into production. Apparently, while getting pitched to join the Fast & Furious franchise, Bautista decided to just basically ignore that massive set of films and instead talk passionately about what he would love as his next project. That would be Gears of War turning into a feature-length film. Besides that he look almost exactly like the main character soldiers from the video game, it’s clear the guy wants to get this project off the ground. 

dave bautista

Apparently, Netflix is ready to answer the call on this front. According to the rumor they are beginning to set into motion the needed legalese to make sure they could obtain the rights to adapt the film or series for the streaming platform. What kind of money or hurdles this would take isn’t totally clear, it’s sure to be a lot. But having a massive star like Dave Bautista attached from the jump likely makes the pitch all that much easier. 

Gears of War has had some adaptation starts and stops over the years, long before Dave Bautista started mentioning it as a project. Originally the rights to the film were purchased by New Line Cinema more than a decade ago. Despite some bigger names rumored to be attached, it never was able to gain any momentum and there were concerns around the overall budget. Then it appeared that Universal was in line to get the adaptation made back in 2016, but that’s never had much movement either. 

Gears of Wars is a military-style game that has an alien element as well. Humans live on a different planet but come into conflict with a race of beings called the Horde. The last two iterations of the video game have been in the top-20 of all-time sales on X-Box. It makes sense that Dave Bautista would be interested in getting this onto the big or small screen. 

dave bautista

As for Dave Bautista, whether he ever gets Gears of War made remains to be seen (I’m betting on it happening). In the meantime, he’s plenty busy. Next week will see his film Army of the Dead hit Netflix. The Zack Snyder-led zombie heist film looks like a wild romp through the genre. And of course, he’s not done as Drax. He’ll reprise the role when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 eventually hits screens. Though the actor has intimated this might be his last turn as the character for Marvel. 

No matter though because Dave Bautista doesn’t need Marvel moving forward. He’s dreaming big on other projects and we could be seeing him suit up in Gears of War before it’s all said and done.