Daniel Radcliffe Reveals New Perspective On Harry Potter In Final Reunion Trailer

By James Brizuela | 7 days ago

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Fans of Harry Potter will soon get to see a much deeper look at what it truly took to make the franchise that has filled millions of people with utter joy and fantastical imagination. HBO Max has released one final clip of the reunion special that is set to premiere on the streaming app on New Years Day. Plenty of interviews are shown with the original actors all delving into what it means for them to have been part of such a rich backstory and world. Daniel Radcliffe goes more into detail about what it means to have played the titular role and how it has connected to his life still to this day.

See Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and others from the original cast in the Return to Hogwarts reunion trailer below.

The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Reunion special is sure to drum up all kinds of feelings for those who have grown up with the films, books, and the land in which the movies have been created. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter exists in both the Orlando and Los Angeles versions of Universal Studios, where fans can go and engulf themselves in the magic that has made this franchise one of the most successful in the history of cinema. According to Daniel Radcliffe, “every part of my life is connected to Potter.”

Those are strong words alone, as Daniel Radcliffe’s career has certainly taken off as a result of him growing up from being a child and into a man throughout the eight films that told the story of Harry Potter. The entire cast is elated and you can certainly see the pure passion they have from being able to speak about the deeply loved franchise that allowed all of them to be successful. Daniel also said it best in that trailer when he says “it’s been lovely to see one another and go ‘oh yeah, we’re all doing great.'”

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What looks amazing about the trailer is how many behind-the-scenes photos are shared with the world and being able to listen to the backstory of certain elements from Daniel Radcliffe, and the rest of the cast, and the director. Fans are sure to be happy in being able to relive their own childhoods through the eyes of the cast. It is great to see how far the studio space has come along too, since the filming of the Harry Potter films. There is mention that the old studio spaces were just “sheds” and not “soundproofed.” It sounds as if the success of Harry Potter allowed the studio in which it was filmed to go through some much-needed renovations.

The Harry Potter universe is rich with backstory, characters, and a magical element that has not been quelled in its 20 years since its initial creation into films. The Return to Hogwarts anniversary special is sure to bring all of those elements back into the forefront of all the fan’s imaginations. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, and Rupert Grint will make everyone believe in magic again. Hopefully, this anniversary special includes a tribute to the late and great Alan Rickman, who played the famous Severus Snape across the eight films.