Dakota Johnson Ignored Madame Web Co-Stars For Two Years

By Britta DeVore | Published

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  • According to her Madame Web co-stars, Dakota Johnson isolated herself from the cast.
  • Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, and Isabela Merced all say Dakota Johnson ignored them while making Madame Web.
  • Dakota Johnson recently opened up about problems with the production of Madame Web.
  • Madame Web continues to receive horrible reviews from critics and fans.

Though it may feature four strong female leads, three of those women say that there were no feelings of girl power coming from Madame Web’s leading hero, Dakota Johnson. While making the rounds on the press tour for Sony’s latest installment in their Spider-Verse series, Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor all revealed that Johnson had left them on read after they attempted to contact her via text. Whether it was a difference in age or something else, the trio of Spider-Women were able to bond while Johnson isolated herself.

All Of Johnson’s Co-Stars Said She Didn’t Speak To Them

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O’Connor was the first to reveal that Dakota Johnson wasn’t completely into working with a group of younger folks as she said “Dakota definitely left me on read.” Jumping to save her friend from what could potentially be an embarrassing thing to admit, Sweeney too, said she had never heard back from the Fifty Shades of Grey star. Finally, Merced put the nail in Johnson’s no-reply coffin as she shared that while they worked on the project for two years, she never once heard back from the woman playing Madame Web.

Johnson Has Been Doing Press Separately

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It’s also worth noting that while on the press junket for the film, for the most part, all four leading stars appeared separately, with the trio of Spider-Women (O’Connor, Merced, and Sweeney) tackling the media’s questions apart from Dakota Johnson. No one said that there was any bad blood between the four and, it didn’t even seem that way when O’Connor, Merced, and Sweeney shared that they had been left on read with each of the ladies chuckling about the cell phone snafu.

Johnson Could Do More To Support Up-And-Comers

Still, in a movie that’s all about four women banding together to fight a common enemy, Dakota Johnson’s supposed decision to not text her co-workers back certainly casts a shadow over her as a performer and likely one that the younger stars looked up to. While Sweeney has appeared in gargantuan hits like television’s The White Lotus and Euphoria, as well as opposite Glen Powell in the recent blockbuster, Anyone But You, O’Connor and Merced fall more in the ranks of up-and-coming stars who likely were thrilled to learn something from their leading lady.

Johnson Never Seemed Happy With Madame Web

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But, perhaps it wasn’t so much her co-stars that Dakota Johnson was stand-offish with as she overall didn’t seem to be very enthused with Madame Web as a whole. During her interviews, she blazed forward with a devil-may-care attitude that saw her reveal some rather interesting details about the box office bomb. Included in the more titillating memos about her time on the S.J. Clarkson-helmed project, Johnson claimed that from sign-on to start, the script completely shifted, meaning that she agreed to do an entirely different story than what actually transpired.

The Movie Is As Bad As The Behind The Scenes Drama

Judging by the hate that has befell Madame Web since it swung into theaters last week, it’s no shock that Dakota Johnson is trying to distance herself from the movie. While many were looking forward to another story to spring from Sony’s ever-growing Spider-Verse, as opening day approached, it became more and more clear that it was going to align itself more with 2022’s Morbius than the two Tom Hardy-led Venom films. 

Now playing in theaters everywhere, Madame Web follows Dakota Johnson’s titular superhero as she joins ranks with three other newly-appointed heroes to take on the sinister Ezekial Sims (Tahar Rahim). 

Source: MTV UK

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