Constellation Is The Sci-Fi Series You Must Keep An Eye On, Here’s Why

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Apple TV+ has been home to some of the most exciting new thrillers to grace streaming, including Severance, Silo, and Black Bird. Thanks to Apple TV’s official YouTube channel, fans have been treated to an inside look at the upcoming series Constellation, which is set to premiere later this month.

The series is already shaping up to be a fan favorite, with many viewers taking to the comments of the recent YouTube video to express their overwhelming excitement for the new sci-fi outing.

Noomi Rapace Is A NASA Astronaut

With any luck, Constellation will follow in the footsteps of other critically acclaimed Apple TV+ shows such as Ted Lasso, Five Days at Memorial, and Mythic Quest.

The show is poised to center on Noomi Rapace, who portrays a NASA astronaut returning home from her International Space Station seat following a traumatizing incident.

Once she arrives back on the planet, however, a number of things seem slightly off, in an increasingly disturbing disconnect that leads her to question if this is the same Earth she left behind.

Strange Occurrences

The strange occurrences begin with simple changes, like the appearance of a piano that was never present before she left, before growing into an anxiety-inducing nightmare which has Noomi Rapace’s character questioning the identity of her own daughter.

In this way, it looks as if Constellation will serve as the latest mind-bending sci-fi thriller to explore the effect that space has on the human mind, in the same vein as hit films like Gravity or Interstellar.

The Human Psyche

Better Call Saul‘s Jonathan Banks also stars in Constellation and explains during a behind-the-scenes interview for the inside look that the show will explore what happens to the human psyche when it experiences something as mind-altering as leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.

What begins as a simple question of Rapace’s character’s mental fortitude eventually launches into an H.P. Lovecraft-style horror, complete with hallucination sequences, and a non-euclidean understanding of space.

Constellation Cast

Other performers set to lead the ensemble behind Constellation include Michel Diercks, James D’Arcy, and Clare-Hope Ashitey.

The series was written and created by Peter Harness, who previously produced and wrote on shows such as The War of the Worlds and Wallander. The series will run for eight episodes, starting with an explosive premiere on February 21.

Noomi Rapace Plays A Gripping Character

From there, episodes will air weekly, culminating in a thrilling conclusion on March 27. Constellation‘s first season contains directing talent from Oscar nominees Joseph Cedar and Oliver Hirschbiegel, as well as Emmy Award winner Michelle MacLaren.

Fans specifically seem to be anticipating Noomi Rapace’s performance in the series, which appears to be quite gripping from the few materials currently available to the public.

Constellation Coming To Apple TV+

If you’re one of the thousands of viewers already overflowing with hype to catch Constellation‘s premiere, be sure to double-check your Apple TV+ subscription, as the show is an exclusive outing for the streamer.

While there’s no way of knowing what kinds of twists and turns will take place in the science fiction series at this time, fans are already anticipating a few mind-bending reveals.