Cobra Kai’s Best Villain Is Launching A Spinoff Project

Cobra Kai's best villain has more to say!

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Fans of Cobra Kai will be delighted to know that fan-favorite Martin Kove aka Sensei John Kreese is launching a podcast dedicated to the worldwide sensation show. The podcast, which is aptly titled Cobra Koves, is set to air on PodcastOne. The new show will begin on January 20th and is set to cover a myriad of subject matter that includes a much deeper look into Kove’s experiences with the original Karate Kid trilogy and the new series. The show will star Martin Kove, of course, and his two fraternal twins Jesse and Rachel, as they recap every episode of the hit Netflix series. It’s certainly going to be interesting to hear his in-depth perspective on a trilogy of movies that spawned one of the most talked-about shows in current rotation.

Cobra Koves is also going to cover even more subject matter that relates to the series but is also meant to stimulate listeners. On top of episode recaps and behind-the-scenes occurrences, Martin Kove is set to tackle Hollywood, pop culture, spirituality, mental health, and bullying. Bullying is a big aspect of the initial Karate Kid films and still remains a big subject in the current Cobra Kai series. Kove will bring on musicians, actors, athletes, and psychology experts to bring down all things involved in the series and life in general. The idea of psychology experts coming in to break down a show about standing up for yourself and karate sounds like a fantastic idea. This podcast sure sounds to be exciting for all fans of the series and beyond.

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PodcastOne has released popular podcasts like The Adam Carolla Show, Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristow, and Doug Ellin’s Hollywood Wayz. Now the podcast production company will be handling the release of Cobra Koves. The president of PodcastOne, Kit Gray, had this to say: “The stories and insight that Martin, Jesse, and Rachel will share on Cobra Koves will capture and charm everyone from television fans to film buffs to listeners looking for a set of dynamic hosts delivering top-notch content.  We cannot wait to share this podcast with the world.” It sounds as if the podcast is going to deliver subject matter that fans of the series and fans of Martin Kove, in general, will want to tune in on.

Fans who have not seen Cobra Kai Season 4 should look away from this paragraph as it contains implied spoilers. It sounds as if Martin Kove will be a part of the plans for Cobra Kai Season 5 but to what degree has yet to be revealed considering his character is currently in prison, so this could be his gift to the world as the series creators figure a way to bring him back, or if is he is meant not to return in a big way. Cobra Koves could be the podcast that follows the series and brings in actors from the series to talk about the twists and turns of the upcoming season five. Cobra Koves airs on PodcastOne on January 20th and is sounding to be the best place to hear experiences and perspectives from one of the series most beloved villains.