Christopher Nolan Gives Zack Snyder The Biggest Praise Imaginable

By Jason Collins | Published

Christopher Nolan is praising Rebel Moon: Part One – Child of Fire director Zack Snyder, stating that his influence in the superhero sci-fi genre becomes more evident with each subsequent superhero release coming out these days.

Nolan Notices Snyder’s Influence In The Sci-Fi Genre

While his latest release, the aforementioned Rebel Moon, didn’t fare well amongst the critics and had a divisive effect on the audiences, Zack Snyder’s it continues to dominate Netflix charts, causing plenty of debate regarding its quality and its similarities with releases such as Star Wars. The words of support and praise for Zack Snyder come from none other than Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan, who stated that Snyder’s influence on cinema is so dominant it can be felt in any superhero sci-fi movie coming out recently.

The Two Previously Worked Together On Man Of Steel

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Receiving words of praise from none other than Christopher Nolan is no small thing, and the two have previously worked together on Man of Steel, an opening movie in DC’s now-abandoned Snyderverse—which should’ve continued, according to some fans. Nolan served as a producer on Man of Steel, which was based on the narrative format he previously cracked with his fantastic Dark Knight trilogy, and the two filmmakers have remained friends ever since.

Christopher Nolan Is A Big Watchmen Fan

But this isn’t the first time Christopher Nolan directed praise towards Zack Snyder. The Interstellar director also praised Snyder’s Watchmen. The comic book adaptation was released in 2009, and just like Rebel Moon, it was also very divisive because it adhered to the source material visually but lacked subtlety and depth.

Others juxtaposed Snyder’s stylistic choices against the tone and message of the original comic, arguing that the style overshadowed the substance and thus reduced the complexity of the story to a mere visual spectacle.

Zack Snyder’s Work Has Always Dividided Audiences

Even Alan Moore, the writer of Watchmen, was very vocal in the criticism of Snyder’s adaptation, while Christopher Nolan praised it just recently. But the criticism isn’t all that surprising either. Zack Snyder’s career has long been divisive, and that divisiveness continued with the release of Rebel Moon, a film that has been on the top of most-watched lists ever since its releases despite being panned by the critics. As stated above, many have likened it to Star Wars, and admittedly, there are similarities between the two.

Critics And Audiences Torn Over Rebel Moon

And just like Star Wars, whose latest releases garnered poor reviews among the critics, Rebel Moon is also loved by broader audiences. The film stars Sofia Boutella as a former high-ranking soldier of the tyrannical Imperium who rebels against the Motherworld and seeks to protect her new homeworld from Imperial forces. With everything said, we wonder about Zack Snyder’s future project and whether it may involve Christopher Nolan as well.

Could The Filmmakers Join Forces Again?

zack snyder

world’s most famous spy with an origin story, and Christopher Nolan was previously mentioned as a possible director for a Bond movie. Given that Man of Steel was also polarizing but has aged quite nicely, we’d say that both Snyder and Nolan need to sit together and make a Bond film.

One can provide the action and aesthetics, while the other can provide the complexity and depth of the narrative.

Source: The Atlantic