Chris Hemsworth Cast As Villain For A Major Franchise?

Chris Hemsworth is widely known for his work in various films, but one of his iconic roles is of course, the powerful Thor in the Thor and Avengers films.

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | Published

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The Mad Max franchise has drawn audiences and fans in with its unique storyline, interesting array of characters, and well-shot action sequences. In 2015, a film was added to the franchise titled Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. The movie received positive reviews and a list of nominations. Another film is currently in the works to be added to the franchise titled Mad Max: Furiosa. The production process has been quite slow, but the cast is slowly being revealed and confirmed. And rumor has it that Chris Hemsworth will be playing a villainous role in the film. 

Chris Hemsworth is widely known for his work in various films, but one of his iconic roles is of course, the powerful Thor in the Thor and Avengers films. However, it seems there is a possibility of a confirmation that Hemsworth will be putting down his hammer of the thunder god for an entirely opposite role of the hero he is known for playing. The role that Hemsworth might be playing is the Dr. Dementus. New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan released some interesting information about Hemsworth and his character in the upcoming film. According to ScreenRant, on a podcast titled Blank Check with Griffin and David, Buchanan said, “They have Chris Hemsworth as the villain, who I heard was called Dr. Dementus.” This bit of news definitely has raised a few curious eyebrows, and of course, we are all wondering if Hemsworth will be Dr. Dementus. 

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Mad Max: Fury Road

If the casting is true, the role will definitely be an interesting career shift for Chris Hemsworth. After playing Thor for years, the actor might feel ready to take on a new and challenging character to portray. The Mad Max franchise has been rather successful. Mad Max: Fury Road received high praise from the actors’ performances, to the action scenes, to the overall atmosphere and feel of the film. The movie was nominated for a total of eight Academy Awards, one of the nominations being Best Picture. Fury Road followed Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, who helped lead a group of female prisoners on an escape. Along the way, she met Max, a drifter played by Tom Hardy, who ends up helping her. Mad Max: Furiosa will continue to focus on the female lead, Furiosa, who will now be played by Hollywood starlet, Anya Taylor-Joy. According to The UBJ, the film will follow Furiosa when she was younger. 

The making of the film, which has been set to be shot in Australia, has faced quite a few delays in the process. According to MovieWeb, filming will hopefully continue sometime in March of this year. Although Chris Hemsworth isn’t a stranger to the world of action films, playing a villainous character is definitely something that fans would be intrigued to see. Hemsworth has been involved in other franchises like Star Trek in the past. Based on his career thus far, it seems the actor will be able to ease his way into the Mad Max franchise with no problem. 

Since Mad Max: Furiosa is still not finished with its filming stages, further news and details of Chris Hemsworth’s character will have to wait. If true, the role will offer Hemsworth a chance to broaden his range of acting and the roles that he can portray. The film will most likely be another incredible project with extraordinary production and a great cast who are excited to bring the story to life. Although the film won’t be released this year, getting little snippets and first looks will have to do for now.