See Anya Taylor-Joy Pull Off Crazy Stunt For Mad Max Furiosa

Check out Anya Taylor-Joy share a cool car stunt in preparation for Mad Max Furiosa to start shooting. The prequel should be awesome.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Anya Taylor-Joy is set to take the Mad Max franchise in a different direction when Mad Max Furiosa hits screens in the next couple of years. It’s a bit of a pivot for the story following the events of Fury Road, but will also deal with the backstory from the titular character we first met in that latter movie. Taylor-Joy is currently prepping to film the movie and part of getting set is knowing how to handle some of the vehicles we are sure to see hurtling across the dystopian landscape. She posted some preparation for one of her stunts on social media. 

On her Instagram feed, Anya Taylor-Joy shared a video of a car on a test road, setting us up for what could come in Mad Max Furiosa. While it isn’t totally certain that she is behind the wheel, it stands to reason that’s the case with this acting as something of a brag about what she’s prepping for with the flick. Check out the 180 stunt they pull off on the closed course. 

Maybe movie watching has desensitized viewers to a car stunt like this, but traveling at a high rate of speed and pulling off a controlled 180 only to reverse heading the opposite direction isn’t the easiest thing in the world to pull off. And clearly, from the Anya Taylor-Joy video, we see that with the cones there, the objective was to get the spin as close to the barrier without actually touching it. When that is taken into mind, it’s clear that pulling off the car trick isn’t something people could just do with ease on the first time out. 

Mad Max Furiosa is set to be a prequel to Fury Road and will tell the origin story of the character Charlize Theron played in that latter movie. It was a bit of a surprise to learn that Theron wouldn’t be coming back in the title role considering how good she was the first time out. She was a major reason that flick was such a success, bringing a brutal stoicism to the role in a movie that, at times, was as frenetic as they come. But director George Miller said he wanted to do an origin story and didn’t think he could effectively de-age Theron for the part to make it look realistic. So the part was recast and we get Anya Taylor-Joy instead. 

In addition to Anya Taylor-Joy, Mad Max Furiosa will also feature Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke in now-undisclosed roles. Considering this movie is set to take place before Fury Road, there is a good chance the story deals with how Imperator Furiosa came to be with Immortan Joe. There is a chance we meet the other wives as well in this story, setting them on a path for what happens when they all meet up with Tom Hardy’s character later on. Currently, there is no clear timeline on when this movie will actually make its way to the theaters, but it sure does seem like production might be ramping up now.