Chaos On The Set Of HBO Controversial Hit Show?

By TeeJay Small | Published

The hit HBO original series Euphoria has become known in the years since its creation as one of the more chaotic productions in the premium network’s run, with rumors of actors and producers embroiled in behind-the-scenes turmoil, lengthy shoots, and mistreatment of young performers permeating the web. According to a profile of Colman Domingo in IndieWire, the Ali actor claims these rumors are false.

Of course, with a prolonged break between seasons due to a number of moving factors such as the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, pandemic shooting policies, and other difficulties progressing the series, these rumors have continued to circulate like wildfire.

Sam Levinson Difficult To Work For?

Most of the rumors regarding Euphoria‘s behind-the-scenes drama center on the show’s creator, Sam Levinson. Levinson, who recently made waves as the co-creator and executive producer of HBO’s panned mini-series The Idol, is solely responsible for writing and directing nearly every episode of Euphoria, and has garnered something of a reputation for being difficult to work with. The filmmaker’s insistence in maintaining his exact vision for the series has been seen by some as needlessly rigid, while slowing down the production process of the series to adhere to seemingly arbitrary minute details.

Overblown Rumors?

Regardless, Colman Domingo maintains that these rumors are overblown, and are often a result of the show’s relationship with a number of young actors.

What Is Euphoria About?


Euphoria centers on a school full of sex and drug-crazed teens, relying on a cast of mostly young and previously unknown actors to bring the depraved antics of the show to life. For Domingo, who plays Ali, an adult voice of reason who remains in the process of rehabilitation from drugs, these lengthy shooting hours and difficult productions are simply part of being an actor.

Colman Domingo Defends Sam Levinson

While making sure not to invalidate or belittle the difficulty that his Euphoria costars claim to face on set, Colman Domingo explained that Levinson is an advocate for his on-screen performers, and provides a great deal of space for the young actors to explore and process the work before committing to their roles.

Despite appearing in only eight episodes of the hit series, Domingo has earned a Primetime Emmy for his role, as a testament to how pivotal his character is, even in a guest capacity. One Euphoria episode, a special inter-season break, features a prolonged discussion between Ali and Zendaya‘s Rue in a diner for the entire duration of the episode’s runtime.

The Idol

lily-rose depp the idol

Domingo concluded his thoughts on the reports of chaos behind the scenes of Euphoria by explaining that he has a tenure of decades in comparison to a litany of the cast who have just begun their acting journey, referring to the reports as unprofessional.

Of course, rumors of unprofessional behavior also plagued the production of The Idol, which starred primarily tenured adults, meaning the common denominator in these reports is Sam Levinson and his peculiar methods. For now, there’s no way to know for sure what’s going on behind the scenes of Euphoria season 3, though it stands to reason that fans will understand exactly what’s going on by the time the season airs.