Channing Tatum Bringing The Weirdest Superhero Comic Ever To Life

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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Paramount Pictures is reportedly working on a Channing Tatum-led live-action movie based on the Sam Keith comic book The Maxx. The film is said to be written and directed by Crystal Moselle, who is recognized for her work on The Wolfpack and State Kitchen. The project was first mentioned in 2019 with producer Roy Lee attached, but there have been few updates since.

The soon-to-be Channing Tatum movie The Maxx began as a comic book series published by Image Comics in 1993 and later by Wildstorm and IDW Publishing. The series is known for its unique and surreal storytelling, featuring superheroes, psychological drama, and horror. The story revolves around two parallel realms – the real world and the Outback.

The Maxx animated series in 1995

The real world is where Julie Winters lives, while the Outback is a surreal alternate reality. In the real world, Julie Winters is a social worker who befriends a homeless man named Maxx, who believes he is a powerful superhero in the Outback. In this bizarre and dreamlike landscape, The Maxx takes on the form of a purple-clad, masked hero to protect Julie, who is the Jungle Queen.

The primary antagonist in Channing Tatum’s The Maxx is Mr. Gone, who plays a significant role in the real world and the Outback. Mr. Gone’s real name is David, and in the real world, he appears as an old man with a scarred face. He often wears a trench coat and hat, giving him a somewhat sinister appearance.

The Maxx and Mr. Gone

In the primary storyline, the protagonist is Mr. Gone, a serial rapist with a telepathic connection to Julie. He possesses in-depth knowledge of and entry into other individuals’ Outbacks. He initiates contact with Julie through phone calls, though she dismisses him as a mere obscene caller. Eventually, Channing Tatum’s The Maxx intervenes to protect Julie.

In the Outback, Mr. Gone takes on a more monstrous form, becoming a larger and more intimidating figure. He is a master manipulator, capable of influencing events in the real world and the Outback. He often weaves intricate schemes that impact the lives of Julie Winters and The Maxx. His manipulation includes psychological warfare, exploiting the vulnerabilities of his enemies.

Julie and The Maxx

Mr. Gone has a complicated history with Julie Winters, but his actions and motives are shrouded in mystery throughout most of the story. Additionally, Mr. Gone is connected to the surreal elements of the Outback, and his role in this alternate reality adds danger to the landscape, causing problems for Channing Tatum’s The Maxx.

Sam Kieth’s art style in The Maxx is distinctive, with a mix of detailed and exaggerated illustrations. The Outback scenes, in particular, showcase his creativity. Before the rumored Channing Tatum movie, The Maxx was adapted into an animated television series in 1995 as part of MTV’s Oddities programming block.

The Maxx television series closely followed the storyline of the comic books and retained Kieth’s unique visual style. The series received critical acclaim for its innovative storytelling and unconventional approach to the superhero genre. It is often regarded as one of the standout titles from the 1990s independent comic book scene.

Source: Daniel Richtman