Brie Larson Becoming A Disney Princess?

Brie Larson might be headed to the world of Disney princesses.

By Hayden Mears | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Brie Larson’s meteoric rise to a household name isn’t surprising. Each successive performance sees the actress at a breathtaking new high, an eclipsing of preceding roles that’s impressive, consistent, and positively magnetic. Her most prominent role has been for big-budget studio Disney (can’t really beat squaring off against Thanos or a traitorous Jude Law), but some of her best work actually came in films such as Room and 21 Jump Street. Now, there’s an exciting new rumor that Larson is in talks to continue working with Disney in a big (but unsurprising) way.

Insider Daniel Richtman reveals that Oscar-winning actress (and soon-to-be Netflix director) Brie Larson has chatted with the Mouse House about becoming a Disney princess. If true, this could introduce Larson to an even wider demographic, one that may not be overly familiar with her non-Marvel work.

Because this is a rumor, there’s no official word on which princess Brie Larson might play. A number of Disney’s best, most famous princesses have already made the leap from animation to live-action, with Emma Watson’s Belle and Yifei Liu’s Mulan being two recent (and wildly different) examples. The promise of Watson as Beauty and the Beast‘s charismatic co-lead brought the film’s trailer to an impressive 127.6 million views, breaking records previously set by Fifty Shades Darker and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’d bet money that Larson stepping into a Disney princess’s shoes would generate comparable buzz.

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Brie Larson is one of Hollywood’s brightest, most popular stars, and simply hearing that she might give princessing a go is exciting and so very, very likely. No doubt she would knock it out of the park. Heck, maybe she can also help distance whichever princess she plays from her animated counterpart. Disney’s push to repackage and re-release classic stories has been characterized by soulless (but incredibly lucrative) shot-for-shot remakes. We could argue about the necessity of their existence all day, but they are effective and they often surpass box office predictions by substantial margins. Just look at the new version of The Lion King for reference.

Hopefully, though, Brie Larson can have a hand in ensuring that her interpretation is different enough to warrant more than just an initial watch. And this is all assuming her role will be live-action. We know preciously little about this potential project. Who knows? Maybe she’ll introduce us to a never-before-seen animated princess. Both possibilities are exciting.

For what it’s worth, Brie Larson would make an excellent Aurora and an even better Rapunzel (a live-action Tangled, perhaps?), but your guesses and speculations are as good as mine. Who do you think she should play? Endless fan theories are almost always fun, sometimes illuminating, and rarely productive, but how else are we going to wax poetic about our favorite things? Fire away!

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If anything more official or concrete comes our way, you’ll be the first to know! For now, treat this as a rumor. Keep an eye out just in case it’s confirmed, though!