See Breaking Bad Disturbingly Reimagined As A Pixar Film

We weren't expecting that this week.

By Douglas Helm | Published

breaking bad better call saul

Pixar is known for making great children’s movies that can have surprisingly universal adult themes and messages. However, it seems pretty unlikely that a Pixar character would ever decide to start a meth empire to solve their problems. Fortunately, for those who want to see something like that, you can check out the fan-edited Breaking Bad trailer that re-envisions the crime drama into a goofy Pixar movie. Check out the trailer below:

While the Breaking Bad Pixar trailer doesn’t really change any of the story beats, it does give all of your favorite Breaking Bad characters the cute Pixar animation treatment. You can see what Walter White (Bryan Cranston), Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), and many of the other characters look like in family-friendly cartoons. Basically, imagine if instead of dying from illness in the opening sequence of Up, Ellie (Carl’s wife) decides to start making meth to pay for her treatments. It might be hard to swing a G-rating for that version of the film, but it would certainly be a bold new direction for Pixar to go.

Fans of the Breaking Bad franchise are probably eager to get as much content as they can now that the latest series is officially over. The success of Breaking Bad led to the spin-off Better Call Saul, which focused on Walter’s seedy lawyer Saul Goodman as he transformed from a lawyer trying to succeed the right way before devolving into the lawyer we meet in Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul enjoyed similar critical and commercial success as the mothership series, but there are no more planned spin-offs for the Breaking Bad universe at this time. With Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul officially over and done with, we may never return to the version of Albuquerque, New Mexico that Vince Gilligan created.

While it seems unlikely that Vince Gilligan would create a Pixar project in the Breaking Bad universe, Deadline did recently report that Gilligan is gearing up to pitch another new project to several networks. Reports say that it likely won’t be another Breaking Bad spin-off and instead it would be a grounded genre drama akin in tone to something like The Twilight Zone. Gilligan previously worked as a producer and writer on The X-Files, so it may be more similar to his work on that series.

It’s safe to say that whatever Vince Gilligan does next will be sure to garner a lot of interest. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul both have huge fanbases and are widely considered some of the best TV series in recent memory. While it’ll be sad to see that universe set behind, there will always be time to rewatch both shows and check out the wacky fan projects, like the Pixar trailer, that are inspired by the shows. Plus you never know, maybe years from now Gilligan will decide to make a return to one of the characters that we’ve come to know and love (or fear) on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.