Borderlands Movie Is Filming, See The First Set Photos

We're getting our first peek behind the scenes for the Borderlands movie.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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We’ve got news for the Borderlands franchise fans: The Borderlands movie is filming in Budapest, and we’ve got pictures to show it. That’s right, the movie interpretation of one of the world’s Top 100 video game titles is now officially underway, much to the satisfaction of fans, the stellar cast, and the people at Gearbox Software.

Currently, filming is underway, which means there’s not much to tell about the movie itself at this point, but according to the report by, the cast seems really excited. Actress Ariana Greenblatt, who the fandom adored as Young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War, was cast for Tiny Tina’s role in the upcoming Borderlands movie. The actress didn’t hide her excitement regarding the project, sharing a photo from the set on her Twitter account.

Randy Pitchford, the Gearbox Software CEO, also shared a photo on his Twitter feed, but with little more information about the names behind the scenes.

Director Eli Roth, best known for his horror titles, is featured in both photos. Pitchford’s photo also reveals Ethan Smith (Fury, Hobbs & Shaw) as an executive producer, Ari Arad (IronMan, Ghost in the Shell) as a producer, and Emmy Yu, another producer from Arad Production. Admittedly, Pitchford has shared the Borderlands movie’s updates before, revealing the cast and ongoing pre-production details.

On the star-power side, we already confirmed Ariana Greenblatt as the movie’s version of Tiny Tina. However, in Roth’s take for the Borderlands movie, Cate Blanchett will play Lilith, a super-powered legendary thief from the original game. She’ll be accompanied by a soldier named Roland, portrayed by Kevin Hart. If you’re worried about the game’s iconic sassy and sarcastic robot Claptrap, don’t be. He’s also making an appearance. In fact, the man behind Claptrap is none other than the legendary Jack Black.

The Borderland movie’s plot is likely to adhere to the game’s narrative, with Blanchett and Hart as Vault Hunters looking for an alien vault filled with treasures, glory, and technology. Blanchett’s role Lilith is one of the game’s original Hunters, whose role and backstory expanded in the game’s sequels. Lilith’s appearance in the movie makes absolute sense, especially if Eli Roth is looking to franchise the Borderlands movie instead of making a standalone iteration.

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Still, there aren’t enough details to piece together a greater story regarding the movie’s plot. But considering the Gearbox Software’s involvement in the film, the plot is likely to follow the game’s narrative. If that’s so, we’re likely to see Blanchett and Hart on an adventure to find the alien vault on a planet named Pandora, a wasteland littered with decrepit alien ruins, looters, criminals, and an evil organization called Crimson Lance. Will Crimson Lance make an appearance? And if so, who’s going to be the Crimson Lance’s commander and main antagonist? Perhaps an undisclosed role portrayed by Haley Bennet?

Many details regarding the movie remain a mystery, including the film’s release date or at least a release window. Considering the ongoing pandemic, we’re likely to see Borderlands in late 2022 or early 2023.