How Boba Fett Is Going To Save An Entire Planet

We think Boba Fett is going to save Tattooine!

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

book of boba fett theory

The third episode of Disney+’s The Book of Boba Fett premiered today, and it included at least one revelation that’s inspired our theory on how the rest of the miniseries will unfold. There’s no way to share our theory without spoilers, so if you haven’t seen “Chapter 3” yet, you’ve been warned. Our Book of Boba Fett theory details exactly what will be at stake in the remaining episodes, and how the eponymous lead will manage to be both a crime lord and a Star Wars hero. The short version? Boba Fett is about to save almost all life on Tattooine.

book of boba fett theory
Stephen Root as Lortha Peel in The Book of Boba Fett, “Chapter 3”

Our Book of Boba Fett theory starts with the arrival of watermonger Lortha Peel, played by the excellent Stephen Root, who inhabits an equally manipulative and weaselly character on HBO’s Barry. Peel wants Boba Fett to get rid of a gang who the watermonger claims is stealing from him. Instead of killing the gang, Fett recruits them and orders Peel to lower his prices. But the important bit here has little to do with Peel’s conflict and more to do with an off-hand comment he makes about how, supposedly, at one point in its history Tattooine was an ocean planet, not unlike Fett’s own homeworld of Kamino.

Why would the writers bother throwing in this little factoid? Well, afterwards there’s what we believe was a misdirect. As he’s healing in his bacta tank, Fett has memories of Kamino, when he used to watch his father fly away on missions. But we don’t think that’s why Peel mentions it. Rather, we think it’s a warning of what’s to come.

book of boba fett theory
The Pyke Leader in The Book of Boba Fett, “Chapter 3”

The next piece of our Book of Boba Fett theory involves the Pykes. By the end of the episode, we learn that the Pykes — rather than the Hutts or the enigmatic Mayor — are Boba Fett’s true enemy in Mos Espa. When Fett goes to confront the Mayor, he eventually learns he is with the Pykes, and that the fish-faced people are transporting even more of their number to Tattooine.

In fact, they may have been Boba Fett’s enemy for even longer. In this episode’s flashback, Boba Fett approaches the Pykes for protection money only to learn they’re already paying the Kintan Striders — the speeder gang with that name, not the actual creatures. Fett vows to resolve the situation, implying he and the Tuskens will be wiping out the Striders, but when he returns home instead he finds the Tuskens completely annihilated. The implication is that it was the work of the speeder gang, but in light of what we learn about the Pykes toward the end of the episode, it could very well have been them.

So, our Book of Boba Fett theory is that the Pykes are on Tattooine not only to dominate its crime world, but to transform the world itself. Their goal is to terraform the planet and turn it into an ocean world like it supposedly used to be, thereby making it a much friendlier planet to a species of fish people and in doing so wipe out possibly all life on the planet other than their own. Since the various crime syndicates are the only real authority on Tattooine, that makes them the only threat to the Pykes’ plans; hence the Pykes’ motivation to either dominate or wipe out all other syndicates. That could be why they possibly annihilated the Tuskens: once they aksed for protection money, the Pykes recognized them as a threat.

We may have a better notion on whether or not our idea has a single drop of merit when “Chapter 4” streams. We could just be talking out of our gills. The Book of Boba Fett‘s third episode is currently streaming, and the fourth episode streams next Wednesday.