See Bob Saget As A Bacon Chef For A Rap Star In One Of His Final Roles

He's still not done making us laugh.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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Although legendary TV dad Bob Saget left this world far too early, he managed to give us one last dose of weirdness before he did. In one of the star of Full House’s final roles, he appeared in a music video for rapper Desiigner’s track “Bakin’,” alongside a number of other still offbeat cameos. The music video features Saget as a chef who is preparing a large amount of bacon in a glitzy Los Angeles apartment, clad in full chef whites. Pork product themes aside, Saget also interjects on the track a number of times to ask “What’s Bakin?” making him one of the few hosts of America’s Funniest Home Videos to share a music video with Snoop Dogg (who pops up in the beginning). Adult performer Kendra Sunderland also appears in the music video to assist Saget with the bacon, which is nice work if you can get it. Check out the video here:

Bob Saget died while on a comedy tour in Florida this January, after striking his head and going to sleep without seeking medical treatment. The exact circumstances of his death were unknown for some time, until his family released the information. They are currently suing to prevent more information from being public, out of apparent privacy concerns.

While Bob Saget was most famous for his role as Danny Tanner on Full House and the Netflix Original follow up show Fuller House, he was also a popular and well regarded standup comedian. His untimely death prompted an outpouring of grief from his fans and peers, including this notably emotional one from late night host Jimmy Kimmel. And while audiences most familiar with his gig as a widower who despises his teen daughter’s best friends on Full House might be surprised at the adult nature of the music video for “Bakin’,” Saget was also very well known for his raunchy live act. Perhaps as a reaction to his low key, whitebread image on Full House, his own comedy skewed extremely ribald, notably in a cameo appearance in the stoner cult film Half Baked in which he goes on at great length about…well, just watch it

It may be that there are a few more roles Bob Saget managed to film before his passing, but honestly, Desiigner’s “Bakin’” has a lot of the things that made him such an oddly endearing comedic presence. The sincerity with which Saget mimes cooking the bacon and his unselfconscious goofiness even when he appears out of place somehow make him seem just that much more right to be there. After the music video ends, there is an on-screen epitaph to honor him, and then a few precious minutes of Saget just being himself while joking with Desiigner’s hip hop crew. According to rapper Whoo Kid (who also appears on the track), Bob Saget was the immediate and only choice for his role, which makes a bizarre kind of sense. Comedian Jay Pharaoh (who also appears in the video) heaped praise on his all too brief co-star, saying that he could shine in a place where you would never expect him to be. And that is certainly true.