Wonder Years Actor Cast In Blade Reboot?

It looks like the Blade reboot has added another player to the mix, this one from the recent Wonder Years reboot.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

mahershala ali alita marvel blade

It’s been almost three years since Kevin Feige told fans a Blade reboot was in development at Marvel Studios. The announcement was made on stage at San Diego Comic-Con where Mahershala Ali was introduced as the new vampire hunter. Since then, news about the project remained scarce until late 2021 when Bassam Tariq (of Mogul Mowgli fame) signed on as director. He will work from a screenplay by Stacy Osei-Kuffour who is a veteran of HBO’s Watchmen series.

With just over a week until production on the Blade reboot begins, Marvel may have confirmed a major element of their story by adding Wonder Years star Milan Ray to the cast. According to The Direct, the child actress has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a key character. While details are currently unconfirmed, there is a very real possibility that she could be playing Fallon Grey – Blade’s daughter.

The addition of Ray corresponds with rumors claiming the studio was looking for someone to play a mysterious character named Ruby. The teenager was described as “thoughtful, serious, and burdened by growing up in a complex world.” This led Blade fans to theorize that she would eventually be revealed as the vampire hunter’s estranged daughter in the reboot. For now, the official supporting cast only includes two other actors – Delroy Lindo and Aaron Pierre. Their roles are currently undisclosed.

Fallon Grey was supposed to lead a comic book series chronicling the discovery of her monster-killing lineage. But the project was shelved when writer Tim Seeley realized he was not the best candidate to tell the story of a black teenager. Marvel Comics ultimately scrapped the project shortly after the controversy. Fortunately, instead of leaving the character on the cutting room floor, the teen will probably make her live-action debut in the Blade reboot.

Following Blade’s unofficial debut in Eternals, Kit Harington’s involvement in the reboot has also been rumored. In the film’s post-credits, Ali made his first appearance as Marvel’s premier vampire hunter through a voice cameo. The scene cuts right before viewers can see who is behind Dane Whitman (Kit Harington), essentially setting up the character’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series will reportedly begin filming in Atlanta, Georgia as well as New Orleans, Louisiana on July 4th.

While details about the plot are still unknown, an unofficial description has been obtained by several media outlets. The Blade reboot tells the story of a half-mortal, half-immortal who tries to rid the world of vampires. He does so to avenge his mother who was killed by a vampire when he was born. If the reports are true, it means the movie plans to stick to Blade’s comic book origin story.

This storyline was previously explored in the original Blade movie trilogy starring Wesley Snipes. While he may not be part of Marvel’s latest vampire offering, the actor shared his support for Ali in the role. Speaking to Yahoo last year, he said his successor is a great choice for the role. Marvel hasn’t announced a release date for the Blade reboot at this time.